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PSP Chicago Open deadbox

23 June 2013 - 06:53 PM

So i dont know if there is a discussion of this already, but I want to know peoples thoughts and opnions on the new deadbox this weekend at the Chicago open.

For those who havent seen it here is a picture

Posted Image

I think having this is a lot better than the old netting. For penalities, It is no longer an easy kill out of the box since you dont know which way they will go. I also think it looks nicer. To me the nets looked kind of trashy and did not go with the overall look of the field

Tell me your thoughts on it

Inside the Mind: A Paintball Documentary

21 June 2013 - 05:20 PM

So, if anybody remembers my post in the fall about the senior project i was going to do will be pleased to know i finally got the video up on youtube. Before anyone says it looks bad.. I am aware. If i had more time to work on it I could have even filmed at Living Legends 6. But it was due the wednesday before.
So here it is!
EDIT: before anyone tells me that some of the clips changed size. I figured that out after I could be able to change it.

Rendering with contour HD

26 May 2013 - 01:30 PM

So, i have some footage from living legends from my contour HD however, when i try to render it, it looks kind of grainy. To anyone who uses the contour HD: what render settings do you use to get the clearest picture? It can even be the new contours as long as they are full 1080p

LL6 - War Stories, Thanks, and BORK

19 May 2013 - 09:16 PM

Since this is my second living legends, i felt i could compare the two experiences. Not either could be better than one another. They both had their ups and downs. I would like to say right now that this is just feedback. I am not complaining because the horde lost, there are just suggestions i had in mind for next year.

First off..Paint
So LL5's paint was breaking too easy for a lot of people. Including me. This was a serious problem. So having the trouble with evil last year, i decided to play it safe and get marbs this year. For me and a couple other people I roll with, the marbs where wayy to hard. I could literally bounce it off the concrete if I threw it up 13 or so feet, or if i could slam it on the concrete. I am assuming other people had this problem due to that the only breaks that got on me besides the final battle, where all mask/hopper/gun hits. 99% of the other places bounced off me me with ease. From a reasonable distance too. A distance where I have shot people out easy from. So I think whoever ordered the paint, wanted to be more cautious than careless when it came to how easy they break. These where just the Marbs. My friend's Evil shot great but i did hear from people some of theirs wherent shooting straight because they where ob-longed, but thats going to happen when there are thousands of cases.

The other suggestion i have is someway to even out the sides for the dinner and final battle. The horde dominated Armageddon side for the dinner battle even though new empire was clearly the better team this year. Then they (obviously) won I think Armageddon has more angles on bedlam than bedlam has on them. I talked to some people and i agree with this, I think maybe the barrels are a little more on the Armageddon side than Bedlam. It seems Bedlam has a steeper slope almost as well. I know this hill is one of the most famous parts of living legends but it needs to be evened out. My friends have been going to this for 4 years, they said they have never seen bedlam win the final battle. Either that or they dont remember

Give me your thoughts

Etek 3 Lt: Eyes or the balls?

06 January 2013 - 05:39 PM

So i did have this old paint ( about 2 months old) and used it today. It said on my etek 3 that the eyes where malfunctioning. could the paint be causing it to get the eyes really oily?
PS i did clean it today and try it again. It said it was clear until i shot it. So im 90 percent sure it is the paint but i just want to make sure