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In Topic: PSP Chicago Winners and Relegations

Yesterday, 10:34 PM

Apparently X-Factor and Art Chaos seemed to be wasting time at practice in Chicago before the event according to a few locals that were there.

Wondering if that was one contributing factor. (Yes I know AC won challengers but thats more of an insult to the team with their pedigree)

In Topic: how much

Yesterday, 10:32 PM

The new colors are barely worth more. Its more likely because they are so new it would follow theyve been used very little and are in good condition and/or sellers think because its this year's colorways they can get more for them (which I wouldnt agree with but there are stupid buyers too).

In Topic: Azodin Kaos Chopping A lot

Yesterday, 10:28 PM

But I run it with dye rotor which can easily feed 12 bps also if I just sit and pop off single shots 1-2 bps I still get chops. Might try buy some heavy duty paint and see if its any better

It's not a matter of the loader, it's the design of the gun. Without eyes it's going to chop if you shoot fast. If you're shooting brittle paint you're going to get breaks. The rotor also isn't gentle on paint if the tension is set too high. It could be one of those things or all of those things.

Youd be hard-pressed to get a chop using a force-fed loader. Especially a Rotor.

In Topic: wich one should i get first?

Yesterday, 10:27 PM

Do NOT degas after every game. Once at the end if the day when you take your tank off is all you need.

In Topic: how much

12 July 2014 - 07:31 PM

None of the i4 colors are rare by any means. Theyre not gonna be selling for $250+++ for one pair in a decade like some Flex parts like Bostons.