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In Topic: is this a good deal

Yesterday, 07:20 PM

Overpriced by about $100

Ive seen Geo 3s at $600

In Topic: Dangerous power e1 vs spider fenix vs azodin blitz

Yesterday, 07:20 PM

Gog eXTCy

In Topic: Etek 4 vs Empire Mini GS

Yesterday, 03:23 PM

The Axe has a volumized bolt system. It is also easier to control the recpil due to the larger size. I wouldnt say it shoots "way better". A tad better but the size of the Axe is far preferable IMO.

The Vanquish is a turd, for $1500 youd think it would be orgasmic compared to a gun thats ~$350.

Ego 11s are pretty damn loud unless they have a DART kit and are well tuned. (which could be the case with the one you shot) Compared to something like an LV1 or Clone the dhot quality is noticeably rougher but IDGAF TBH and most people probably shouldnt if they like everything else about the gun.

In Topic: Etek 4 vs Empire Mini GS

Yesterday, 02:31 PM

Used Axe or Ego 11

In Topic: Geo 3 V.S 2.1 for the money

Yesterday, 10:23 AM

The ST2 is a significant feature of the 3, you can shoot retardedly brittle paint with it.

And yet you can't put the ST2 into a 2 without shooting the damn tip out all the time, and unsafe to put in the 3 can plus geo3 bolt.

Makes me almost want to try the exalt "upgrade" launch bolt for the soft tip...

Please dont, the Exalt bolt is horrible.