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Been out of the game for short while (6 months or so)

28 July 2014 - 02:25 AM

Alright so I've been out of the game for a little bit just over 6 months or so maybe slightly short however i noticed i missed the release of the j4 torque and PBE all together. So what has come out/changed thats worth looking over or revisiting? Also i went through my gear bag and I noticed i can't for the life of me find my SLY CF barrel for my v1 vic so now im looking for another barrel to get as well. I was thinking of just calling up bob long and see if i can't buy the stock barrel that came with the v1 vic but im open to other options. 

getting a spump to take FSR

28 November 2013 - 04:58 AM

so I shipped my spyder Xtra that I had laying around to Klub who is making it into a scummy spump for me for the lulz. We're trying to figure out a way to get this joke of a project to take FSR for extra "why would you do that" factor. however we cant seem to find a way that isnt such a big fucking pain in the ass. any suggestions?

Paintballers for autism fraud

27 November 2013 - 03:49 PM

Richard Greenaway, the founder of Paintballers for autism is under fire for allegations of fraud.

"i was contacted by the police in regards to a report of fraud by the founder of PB4A Richard Greenaway. I myself was conned by him - but only for support and promotion. However there are many others who have also begun to contact the police with issues of not receiving items they paid for.

The money that Richard told people he donated to Autism Speaks or any other type of Autistic organization is a lie. 

It was brought to my attention Richard was telling people who were saying that he was dirty dealing that I could vouch for him.

He presented to me in November when all of this began in the bst groups on FB I was mad as hell people coming to me. I gathered him and 4 others and said this has to stop here Im not going to have my name or HyBrid run through a scandal. I demanded that Richard give my specific information. I know now that its all forged

I have spoken to the police in a 1.5hr interview now and there is a great deal of problems right now. As I was told no other individual associated with PB4A is involved in this police matter, only Greenaway. 

IF you have bought ANYTHING and havent gotten it or ANY info you might have either contact this detective or contact me on fb or here. There are more than 30 people now who have paid or donated and havent gotten anything.

There are five of us now that are directly involved and talking with the police. We had no clue what was going on until this first chat. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help with any info you might have even if its that it took forever to get your stuff. 

If you want take a screen cap and send to me and we will pass it along. Here is the contact name and the police report number. I will stop all the half truth's right now. If you want the truth you contact me. Half of what I am seeing here right now isn't even CLOSE to what is going on. Below is the information that the Police and State police are wanting.

Again no one else but Greenaway has any part in this. Don't blame teams, captains, sponsors etc. We were all deceived as well. I will answer any and all questions on this thread. I and 4 other individuals know the real truth. 

Here is what you need to produce

What you bought

when you bought it

how much

how you paid for it

if you paid by paypal what was the email address (there are atleast 5 different email address known right now) 

take a screenshot of the transaction including the transaction number, you can even click on details and it shows everything

If you participated in a raffle 


The contact info is

Todd J. Edwards
Detective, Westfield,MA Police Department
15 Washington Street, Westfield, MA 01085
Desk - 413-642-9389
Office - 413-572-6400

reference the police report number - 13-1995-OF (note he can only receive attachments under 5mb)

Post all your questions comments and such here. Don't create any more threads. One person fraudulently deceived us all. Please help out if you can.

*EDIT* If you have links to any post anywhere from him post them here. His user name here is EMSGUY"


If you want to follow the thread on PbN here is the link: http://www.pbnation....d.php?t=4050162

chat not loading :c

26 November 2013 - 03:50 PM

so I dont know what happened but now chat doesnt load on chrome. Haven't tried it on other internet launcher because i only use chrome. I know it says waiting for adblock extension in the corner and so i turned it off after taking this picture and now it just says "waiting for techpb" however all other sites i vist are fine including the forums.



eating problem.

22 November 2013 - 07:55 AM

So I'm not sure if I'm classified as an emotional eater on a clinical level of any sort but its just that I eat even when im not exactly hungry, usually when ever I feel depressed I have rare days where I kinda just binge eat but thats only like when im having the worse of days, and that usually makes me feel better...for the moment until I realize what I have done and how fattening everything i ate was and how ill gain weight then be upset that ill probably end up with the extra weight. Its just that food is good man. Had a bad day? eat some food, you'll feel better. Had an awesome day? have some fucking good food, slip into a food coma and sleep happy and full. Anyways the point being is sometimes i eat when im bored, dont want to deal with something, want to make something even better. Just a shit ton of reasons besides actually needing to eat something so i dont starve. Binge eating only happens on extremely shitty days, and the other half of eating besides when im hungry happens id say at least 2 sometimes 3 times in a month.

like i guess an average kinda example would be something like this:

eat like 2 cups of jello

we got some strawberry banana yogurt, let mix some cheerios in there while we're at it and it eat
have a raisin oatmeal cookie
oh we have some turkey lunch meat still? make a sandwich!

look at that single open pack of oreos...they arent going to dunk themselves in milk i gotta do it for them!

trail mix? why dont mind if i do!

that bag of veggie fries looks good, let me pour a bowl and try some


this happens all within a span of 20-30 minutes when it doesnt happen. anyways like I said before; the point being is that I'm eating and taking in calories that i dont need to be taking in and I dont work out a lot as I dont have a gym membership and I hate running, Id much rather prefer to swim but we dont have a pool anymore. I mean its not like I dont know the difference between being satisfied and full. Just that its kinda always been this way since my early teens as I was very troubled and family fell apart. So now im just wondering if anyone has had this problem or a similar type of deal that has overcame it. I'm getting better at controlling it however sometimes i do give in still but I want it to stop because its just a cycle that I keep beating myself up over in the end no matter how happy I feel in the moments after eating so much stuff. Oh and if it matters much im 5'10 at like 195-205 I dont have a scale right now nor do I know my body fat % but id say roughly around 20% if I had to take a guess? not really sure all i know is that im over 15% for sure but no higher than 20%