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09 December 2012 - 12:42 AM

Okay, so I recently got into the sport in this summer and I started saving up for the sport. Luckily I stumbled across Mike and learned the order in which I should buy my stuff. So tell me if I did this right/good and for the prices I did. Everything is in order from when I bought it.

Gun Case: Spyder VS1 with hard gun case. I bought it at a Flea Market for 20 and it came with a upped barrel.
Goggles: Dye I4's, Bought for 60 from somebody who got a new pair for free. LNIB worn once.
Hopper: I purchased a clear Pinokio that had a cracked front nose cone for 30. Bought a new shell kit for 7.
Tank: Draxxus 68/4500 with a new hydro test last month.
Jersey: Empire Contact Blue/Black $10
Pants: Valken Redemption Blue/Black'' spent 25 on themk
Pack: Allen Paintball Products 4+1 Tank Pack
Pods: Valken Pods 1.19 each, got 7 of them.