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In Topic: HK Army TFX Loader

03 March 2015 - 04:54 AM

Hey TechPB! Here is an In-Depth Look at the new HK Army TFX Loader with Steve Nabi. I wanted someone who knew what they were talking about in front of the camera really getting into the depths of the loader and why it's so special. I have no affiliation with HK Army, I just like to make paintball videos and I can honestly say this is my next loader. It has everything we want in a loader as far as weight, size, ball capacity, stellar anti-jam & feed rate capability. Enjoy. 

In Topic: LV-1 vs Vanquish

28 March 2014 - 11:59 AM

The vanquish won the Dallas open by itself. Did infamous ever win before the update cam out? no. So it must be the gun

I really hope you are trolling… To answer the OP question you should go with whatever feels best in your hands and the shot quality you like best. Do you want a spool or a poppet? Thats the main question. Personally I prefer spools, so I would go with a Luxe, the Vanquish is a cheap re-make IMO and looks hideous. So if I HAD to choose between the LV1 & Vanquish (and yes I've played with both) I'd choose the LV1.

In Topic: Trying to coin a new word

16 March 2014 - 03:49 PM

Agg can be a physical description like, "thats so agg." However if you use that word around any experienced ballers, even in a joking matter its just silly. It's a word that needs to die and remove itself from the paintball world.