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American Ballers in Germany!

24 November 2013 - 06:45 AM

American ballers in Germany! 

K-Town Legion, an All-American Military, DoD & dependent paintball team is looking for experienced ballers for next season! After coming in 1st and 2nd in our respective divisions we are moving up next season, so we can use some talented players. If you would like to play in the summer DPL next season please visit our Facebook page and send us a message:




We look forward to hearing from you! 


86th MDG Paintball Event

27 October 2013 - 06:01 AM

So KL Legion set up an event for the hardworking medics from the 86th MDG stationed at Ramstein AB, Germany. They had a great time and we decided to throw together this little video or them. It isn't much but at 1:46 there is some awesome team kill action and probably some of the sickest burger footage you will ever see hahaha. KL Legion player and videographer Mike "Hulkzilla" MacIntosh has also made a few videos for our team specifically you can check out on his YouTube page. Enjoy this video :P

-John (Team Captain: KL Legion) 

PS: I'm wearing the TechPB Scenario Team jersey, representing overseas! 

PSP sanctions against TonTon's

05 September 2013 - 12:07 PM

Taken from Paintballx3.com:


PSP has come to a decision regarding the incident at the PSP West Coast event in which the professional team TonTons Flinguers had numerous guns in excess of competitive allowances and safety standards.

Penalties for the hot guns were issued during the event per the PSP rules governing game play. 


PSP has decided that additional sanctions are warranted following review of game footage, testimony of officials on site, examination of equipment, and interviews with TonTons players.

One or more members of the team willfully took the field with intention of playing the game while knowing their markers were in excess of allowable speed limits. The players in question showed an unjustifiable disregard for the standards in which tournament paintball can safely and fairly be conducted.

The number of players and the degree of excess warrant the additional sanctions. PSP feels the actions fall into the area of unsportsmanlike behavior. 


As such, all TonTons matches during the event in which the incidents occurred will be forfeited. The TonTons team will receive zero seed points for the 4th event. Event standings for other teams will be adjusted accordingly.

In addition, the TonTons team will be allowed to play PSP events on a probationary basis through Nov 1st, 2014.


The specifics of the probation will be made clear to the team. In general, any violation of the probation will result in the entered team and all players being suspended indefinitely from PSP events, as well as the organization, TonTons Flinguers, being barred from competition in future PSP events.  

Virtue Mask!?

19 August 2013 - 04:31 PM

Virtue Paintball Mask

It's no secret that the Virtue Spire has been a huge success in the paintball world, a large portion of professional teams that can switch, has switched to the Spire 200 or the Spire 260 loader. So following that success we are excited to hear of the prospect of Virtue bringing their innovation to the paintball mask arena.

Facts about the new Virtue paintball mask are fairly scarce except for a trade mark application, providing the possible name "Optik" but we can not confirm this will indeed be the name. http://trademarks.ju...k-86022525.html

Rich Bianco from Punishers reached out to the top level guy at Virtue - Mike Newman, to scare up some details. At this time however, Mike was not willing to release any design or price details, or any other information on the paintball mask. He would not confirm the name of the mask but here is what he would confirm…His exact words were "Teams and stores will get a first look at this new Goggle at the Paris Millenium event next month. I can't comment on anything else at this time". I think from the trademark application and Mike’s comment its safe to assume we have a new high end goggle on the way!

What does this mean for paintball?

Well it means a successful, player focused paintball company is going to bring us a mask that could potentially change the mask "game" forever.

Paintball masks have always come from one of two places: a big company developing a mask because they already sell everything else or a company redesigning a current design to fit their style or application.

The Virtue Paintball goggle has the potential to deliver in the same way the Spire200 and the Spire260 has, by bringing a high value, player focused product to the market. There is no doubt that the Virtue Paintball Mask will be one of the top level options in the mask industry the day it hits the shelves.

Unlike a lot of companies out there Virtue products have always combine reasonable cost with exceptional value, the Virtue Paintball mask will be no different. We are incredibly excited that our friends at Virtue are bringing this mask and we PROMISE we will be the first ones in line to carry the mask. 

Pretty awesome, your thoughts?

Machine focusing efforts on next gen Vapor

05 July 2013 - 10:22 AM

This was pulled directly from Machine's Facebook page: 

We all have to love the people in paintball that seem to live off of starting rumors and creating drama. So out of love for those folks here's a short post about some of the things that have been circulating recently. I guess you could call this the official statement. Bullet points to follow...

- Machine is not closed, not out of business and not bankrupt. We however did move to a new facility that will allow us to do forged bodies for the Vapor. This will give us to cut down on the cost and the raw material waste of milling for the Vapor. Previously it took nearly 6 hours of milling to cut just the body for the Vapor from a solid block of billet aluminum.

- The long awaited loader is still in development, and we expect to begin testing soon. Yes, it sucks that it has taken so long and nobody is to blame for that but us. Yes, Machine failed to deliver on the promised date. To be honest we should probably have never announced that it would be done by Cup last season, that date was unrealistic. We fully intend to keep our promise to those of you who did register your Vapor in time to receive the free loader. But also be aware that the loader will be released when we feel that it is production ready. It has to meet our standards for performance, and appearance.

- MAP and all dealer pricing will be addressed and corrected accordingly. We listen to you and we will respond anytime that ideas and suggestions make sense for you, the customer and for Machine.

- We have stopped production on the current version of the Vapor. We felt that with the development of a new revised bolt/drivetrain it would be better for our customers to build a new body around the new drivetrain rather than continue to make small changes here and there when we felt they were needed.

- A new revision of the Vapor has been developed and we will be testing that shortly as well. All the current and future registered owners of the Vapor available now will continue to be covered under the warranty terms. And we will continue to provide the level of service you expect from Machine and more.

- The new redesigned drivetrain will fit in and work on the original body and will be made available to all our current customers as an upgrade when it is complete.

- Machine is not in debt. We are in no stretch of the imagination rich, but we are not burdened with the debt that some people have been saying.

- We do also have a MilSim/scenario marker in development. It is not yet named and we have not set a release date. But be assured that it will be amazing.

- There will be a new soft sided case for the Vapor. The new Vapor will come with it and it will be available for sale to every one else as well.

- We fully intend to continue and expand our relationships with our flagship teams the Palm Beach Vipers in Florida and OC Flashpoint in California. Both of these organizations along with many others have helped Machine immeasurably and we are honored to have them continuing to support Machine. Palm Beach and OC will both be utilized as the testing beds for all the new products.

- Machine will continue to run the Test Drive program at as many events as we can and will b expanding that program when the new Vapor is released.

Paintball is a super competitive industry by its very nature, run by people who in almost every case have played at the most competitive levels there are. We recognize that and we accept those peoples individual character deviances. There will always be someone that is disgruntled or that you can simply not satisfy. No doubt you have heard the old cliché "You cant please all the people all the time". We will always do our best to help those people. And Machine will continue to strive to be the best we can for everyone that owns a Machine Vapor. We understand that everyone that bought a Vapor took a chance on a new marker. We thank you for that. We look forward to all the cool new things that Machine is going to be offering to you, and we hope that more of you will take that chance again.

Thank you.
-Machine Paintball.