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In Topic: Dye rotor vs empire prophecy

12 April 2014 - 05:22 PM

Oh wow thanks hadn't even realized that Pinokio made a new hopper, might have to check it out!

I honestly think the Pinokio Speed is the best loader on the market currently, but here's a full comparison so you can decide for yourself:

Dye Rotor vs Virtue Spire vs Empire Prophecy Z2 vs Pinokio vs Pinokio Speed
Pinokio Speed = Rotor = Spire > Prophecy > Pinokio

  • As long as you don't smash your loader with a hammer, try to melt it with a blow torch, or play paintball underwater they will all be plenty durable
  • Though if you're abusive on your loader you may want to avoid the Pinokio as the feednecks may snap after a lot of heavy use due to the poly-carbonate shell
  • Though I believe the Pinokio Speed solves this problem with its durable nylon shell like all the other loaders
Pinokio Speed = Rotor = Spire = Prophecy > Pinokio

  • This may come down to personal preference, though most people like shorter loaders
Pinokio > Spire > Rotor = Prophecy = Pinokio Speed

  • This is with stock nose cone, as for Rotor, Prophecy and Pinokio Speed, the capacity is so close it's hard to tell which one is larger
Rotor > Pinokio Speed > Prophecy > Pinokio > Spire

  • All these loaders will feed more than 20 bps, and you shouldn't need more than that unless you want to waste a lot of money on paint
Spire = Rotor > Pinokio Speed = Pinokio > Prophecy

  • All these loaders are pretty easy to clean and maintain
  • While the Prophecy is still very easy to maintain, it has the most complicated design, so it will be the most difficult to maintain out of the group
  • The Pinokio and the Pinokio Speed are technically as easy to maintain as the Spire and Rotor since you shouldn't have to unscrew the body at all to clean it, just pop off the top and wipe and you're good to go
  • Since the Pinokio and Pinokio Speed aren't completely tool less the Spire and Rotor have the advantage
Battery Efficiency:
Pinokio Speed = Pinokio > Rotor > Spire > Prophecy

  • All these loaders will get at least 10 cases in new batteries, but in case you don't change your batteries much, it's something to consider
  • The Pinokio and Pinokio Speed use two 9 volt batteries
  • The Prophecy uses 4 AA and the Spire and Rotor use 3 AA
  • The batteries in the Pinokio's last about twice as long as the others, but the batteries are twice as expensive
Pinokio Speed = Pinokio = Spire > Prophecy > Rotor

  • The Pinokio, Pinokio Speed and Spire won't really jam, the Prophecy has an automatic anti-jam and a rip drive, and the Rotor has an anti-jam center arm
Paint Gentleness:
Spire > Pinokio Speed = Pinokio > Prophecy > Rotor

  • The Spire, Pinokio, and Pinokio Speed will both be really gentle on paint, though the spire has soft paddles
  • None of them should break paint regularly, though the rotor tends to be the hardest on paint
Feeding The Last Paintballs:
Pinokio Speed = Pinokio > Prophecy > Rotor > Spire

  • All of these loaders will feed the last paintballs, though you may have to shake the loaders
Hopper Opening:
Spire = Prophecy > Rotor = Pinokio = Pinokio Speed

  • Rated on how wide the opening to pour paint in is, though all the hoppers are plenty wide enough, but it's something to consider
Pinokio > Spire > Rotor > Prophecy = Pinokio Speed

  • This allows you to know when your paint is running out
  • The Spire comes with a window, but the Pinokio's transparency is determined by the color you choose, I would suggest you choose the smoke color
  • The Rotor also has a window, but it's very small
  • The Pinokio Speed and Prophecy only have the lid to see the paint
Pinokio Speed = Pinokio = Spire = Prophecy > Rotor

  • The only loader that should have problems with reballs is the Rotor, as it specifically states in the manual not to use reballs
Paddle Wear:
Pinokio Speed = Pinokio = Rotor = Prophecy > Spire

  • Only the Spire should have problems with paddle wear because it uses soft paddles, so they might break over time, though Virtue should cover the repairs
Pinokio Speed > Pinokio > Spire > Prophecy > Rotor
  • The Pinokio Speed being the lightest and the Rotor being the heaviest (all without paintballs and with batteries)
  • They are all really light, they range from 15 ounces to 1 pound 6 ounces
Spire > Rotor > Prophecy > Pinokio Speed = Pinokio
  • This is to completely disassemble the loader
  • Technically speaking you should only really have to unscrew the prop for the pinokio to fully clean it
  • The Pinokio and Pinokio Speed are the only two loaders that do not have a completely toolless disassembly
  • The Rotor, Spire and Prophecy are all fairly easy to disassemble

Oh wow thanks hadn't even realized the Pinokio speed existed!(it's been a while) I'll take a look at it!

In Topic: Virtue spire feeding problems?

05 April 2014 - 09:01 PM

What brand of batteries are you using? What are your red and yellow settings at?

Settings are stock with energizer batteries

Have you compared the halo to the spire after you used the spire or are you just going on what you knew your halo could do. Because if so then I could be the guns eyes also. Because I tested mine out of the box and it was goin about 20 bps wich I would never do in game but just for my own test. For sure read your manual if you havnt already and it could be the sensitivity so try that and experiment you can always do a magic trick and reset the thing to factory settings.

Yeah I just tested them both, but have yet to change the settings

In Topic: Best high end loader?

09 November 2013 - 09:25 PM

Spires are the best loaders but they come at a cost, if you are willing to pay it then go for it. I haven't had any problems with my z2 though


Just contact Virtue, they will take care of whatever issue you're having.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'm going to call up virtue to see if they'd can do something to help!

In Topic: Best high end loader?

09 November 2013 - 10:33 AM

All of my firends that had rotors have since switched to spires. I would recommend getting a newer one and maybe even adding a spring ramp

Wow hadnt even heard about the spring ramp until you said, looks like a good upgrade if you ask me. Thanks for the advice the new spires look pretty ace. Have you're friends had any feed trouble with their spires or other problems?

In Topic: Virtue Spire Feed help?

27 October 2013 - 08:02 PM

Could it also be that the rails shot is too smooth for the spire to pick up?