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What markers got you started and what have you had since

08 January 2013 - 02:06 PM

I think it would be fun to see what markers people started with and where they are at now. Since we all constantly upgrade.

For me my first was an alpha black---> X7---> ion---> G4---> proton

I am stopping there....at least that is what I am saying now, but I said that before as we'll LOL

Valken proton is a pretty nice marker

07 January 2013 - 11:46 PM

I got my proton in today. Initial thoughts was it was pretty ergonomic. It felt good in my hands, pretty comfortable. I am 5'10. 190. It is a compact marker but I like the distance of the hand grip( it is small but but feels bigger). It also feels pretty balanced. The markers I currently used was an ion and a g4. So this is what I have to compare it to.
-The weight is very similar to the g4 and noticeably lighter then the ion.
-The Asa is a screw on/off type very easy to use and bleeds immediately after turning off. G4 Asa is good unless it shreds o rings. Had to upgrade my ion to a on/off type
-I love the fact of no macro line.
-Ease of maintanance has to go to the proton a couple drops of oil in Asa is pretty easy and hand screw bolt if needed. G4 would be next, and ion last since mine has no BOB. Also the body of the proton is easier to clean since it has much less grooves and crevices then the g4 and ion.
-barrel is 12 on the proton would have preferred a 14 but its a decent barrel.
-choosing fire modes is extremely easy just a push of the button, easy to switch on the fly.
-The on/off switch for the marker is placed in an odd place, but it works. It's not in the way and was difficult for me to even tap it while shooting even when I was trying to hit it.
-shot quality seemed very good at 30-40 feet(will need to test at longer distances this weekend) got really good clusters with both ramping, and 3/6 shot bursts.
-sound quality was not to bad, not a very loud marker
I have held both a mini and axe (never used in game) but the proton felt better to me allowing me to have my hands a little further apart but not to far.
Going to use it this weekend and see how it hold up. But initial impression is its a great sub 400 marker feels solid and shoots pretty smooth.

G5 vs proton

01 January 2013 - 03:33 PM

Looking to get one of these trying to get feedback on them. Looking for a macroless gun and Not sure I like how the axe or mini feel.