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In Topic: Route 7 Paintball...Ft Myers/Naples Area

05 January 2013 - 01:59 PM

I've been going to Route 7 since mid - 2012. I was just there last Saturday in fact. The biggest bummer is they are only open every other Saturday. There is a head ref with a small hand held speaker that is constantly announcing "This is a safe zone all barrel plugs must be on" As well, they have refs and signs at the gate entering the play field that require masks be down. For a measly $10 donation you can use a rental gun and paint. I can't believe that some knuckle heads don't give the donation. There is always a brief (5 minute or so) devotion toward the end. You want to have some real fun, check out Route 7 in Estero. I am 39 yo and play with my sons and usually pick up a few neighbor kids before heading there!