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Most accurate barrel?

05 February 2013 - 11:12 PM

About a year ago I had another account (can't access it any more), I got really busy and my return to PB got put on hold. Just getting back. Anyway there seem to be quite a bit of discussion about barrels and accuracy back then. Some pretty intense studies were linked or posted. I read through most of this and was following these discussions. The general conclusions of the studies and most here were that barrels really did not have much of an effect on accuracy. At least thats how I remembered it. I tended to think that was not true as my roots go back to 1989 to 1999. I came back a played a little in 2003-06. I have seen some crappy equipment in the past (and some good stuff also). The data (general conclusions by the testers), and considering the quality of the new equipment, and the very vocal opinions around here. Led me to consider that barrels really did not effect accuracy.

One of the studies was by a poster named Mann, I think many of you will remember the study. It is probally posted on here somewhere. Anyways since my return about a month ago I saw a thread on PBnation. With this study. There is a long thread in the Barrels discussion area pinned near the end of page 36, post number 754. A poster by the name of vihkr has quantified a chart usings Mann's 70' range accuracy test. It does appear that he can show that barrels might effect accuracy. I would say his table shows that paintballs have an effect also.

Take a look at it, and please post your thoughts.My link

Shooter, gun, paint, conditions, ect.... many things effect accuracy.... maybe even barrels???????????? what do you think?

98 custom preformance tunning/upgrades?

04 February 2013 - 11:34 AM

What is needed to do to a 98c to get a more consistent shot. What changes would you do to a stock older 98c to get a small +/- change at the chrony? I live in MI so cold days come into play. I have Co2 and HPA tanks available. The gun is about 10 years old and has been sitting idle for several years. It still works. I have not really compared the changes yet between Co2 and HPA operations yet. I need to get a Chrony first, I should have that in a week or two. Getting a loaner from a friend. Any tunning tips or upgrade suggestions?

This is my stepson's gun, I am hoping to get him back into playing. He has a JJ barrel. He really complained about the range when he was playing before and I am thinking it was mostly because he was at a much lower FPS. I want to make sure it is working in tip top shape, before we only had Co2 availbale. So would the HPA make much difference on a 98c?

Expansion chambers, regulators, ect???????

Gun will have the tank attached to the ASA....

Type of paintball being played today?

30 January 2013 - 02:02 PM

Speedball or woodsball? What is mostly played at commercial fields these days. Is it a good mix or is one being played more. How much does tournament play drive players today? From what I am seeing on the net, it seems to me that Speedball and Speedball tournaments are what players seem to be talking about more. The specialized guns and equipment need for speedball seems to be what most are talking about. Is this because the bulk of players are playing speedball these days? Do the smaller local tournaments get lots of regular players out to play now?

Not concern about pro-players just your regular player type that plays several time a year.

ROF - Ramping, semi-auto, Full-auto, burst fire

29 January 2013 - 12:05 PM

Returning player, I got out last October for the first time in several years. I used a 98c and a Axe belonging to a friend. Field was semi only.

Some questions on different ROF.

What would you say the ROF would be for certain setups.

1) Tippmann 98c with just a standard gravity hopper?

2) Tippman A5 with standard cyclone feed and just standard trigger?

Programming issues????

3) Axe stock with a power hopper like a Rotor? In semi mode. Can the ROF in semi be capped at a lessor ROF?

4) Any High End (G6R, Ego, DM, ect... your choice) with a power hopper? In semi mode. Can the ROF in semi be capped at a lessor ROF?

5) How would Ramping change the ROF of the electro guns above? can the ramping be set a certain max ROF?

I was playing on a field with a wide range of guns. 98c, A5, Spyders, low/high end electro's, and some others I am sure. About 60/70 players. During the time I was using my 98c, I really never felt at a disadvantage. I am sure I faceed a mix of guns. The Axe was a sweet shooting gun and very lightweight with a CF 50/4500 tank on it. Woodsball with many bunkers and buildings. Lots of cover but you can get plenty of max range shots.


Never felt uneasy taking a rental 98 out and going head to head with Automags/Auto Cockers back in the mid to late 90's?

Trying to get a general feel for the modern Game. Plan to play more this year. Mostly at this field but some speedball indoor/outdoor.