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In Topic: Funny paintball stories?

27 April 2013 - 10:01 PM

It was a game of U-turn if anyone is familiar with it, Its pretty much like a speedball field with two ends of "town/shrubbery" at the opposite ends as bases and whoever controls the speedball field will pretty much win. I_I the I's are the bases and the _ is the speedball field. ANYWAY and my entire team was doing well but we started getting pushed back to our base. I, being really cocky at the time because I took out their entire team the previous game, ran right out from our base into the speedball field without the knowledge that there was 3 guys aiming right at the exit of our base. I ran out there and just got lit up. They gave me a couple bonus balls to the head just as revenge for the previous round. It's not really i funny story I guess but it was the highlight of my latest time out at the field.

In Topic: TechPB Battlefield 3 Platoon HQ

24 April 2013 - 07:36 PM

I would just like to share my most awesome kill in BF3 because it was incredible. I was on Damavand peak, Rush, Attacking and running down the hill towards the second set of objectives but I was still close by the first set of M-coms. I spot the enemy z-11w (at least i think thats what its called) take off and I pull out my Smaw to try to shoot it out of the sky to give my team some cover. Unfortunately, My aim was waaaaayy off and ended up shooting quite a bit under the helicopter because it was still rising into the sky. At the same time, an enemy spawned into the enemy chopper, jumped out, and hit my Smaw in mid-air about half way between the ground and the chopper.
It was the my highlight of over 6 days on Battlefield 3.

In Topic: Smoking Kills

21 April 2013 - 03:27 PM

I really don't want to piss on the jersey and pants that I'll be wearing. I know it'll probably wash off along with the smell but it would just bother me while i play. Just having that in the back of my mind isn't something I'd like.

In Topic: Smoking Kills

21 April 2013 - 01:17 PM

I let them sit outside in the bright sunshine for a couple hours and that seems to have done the trick. The odor is 99 percent gone.

In Topic: Smoking Kills

21 April 2013 - 10:19 AM

Im serious about piss. It works. Dont ask how I discovered this.

I'm not really sure I ever want to know how you discovered it. thanks for the suggestion though.