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Valken Proton Review, Week 2

06 January 2013 - 03:35 PM

Hello fellow P-Ballers,

I am here to bring you my post two week review of the Valken Proton.

1st, I small bit about myself: 25 year old, Chicago-land, Male. Learned of Paintball back in my 1st year in college 2005-2006. Bought a Tippmann A-5 w/RT used from Ebay and frankly I did not know anything about the gun other than it was very durable. And I did not know much about the sport, other than it was FUN.

Here we are in 2013 and I am getting back into P-Ball. My A-5's RT was frustrating the heck out of me and I decided to buy a new gun. The Valken Proton was my choice.
Why I bought the Proton:

Price, At $325 I was told it would be a great start for me getting back into the sport:

Multiple Fire Modes (Semi, 3rnd burst, Full Auto Cap @10bps, and 2 adjustable ramp settings // NPPL, PSP, Mil)
Ease of maintenance (Reading the manual suggest two drops of oil before each day and full o-ring clean and lube every 3-5 cases)
And since I'm not going to be playing in any tourneys anytime soon, it can keep pace with any gun on the field during rec play.
So my initial thoughts:

I am now transferring from a Rental, Mechanical Semi Trigger, Woods player, to the electronic world of Speedball.

My first day with the gun was full of headaches, mainly do to the loader that was sold to me, and learning Speedball. The Invert Too and my Proton did not mate very well. Ball break after ball break the setup was just not working. Used my buddies Rotor when he got to the field and the issues went away. The Proshop hooked me up with another Valken Product, the V Max loader. And all was well.

I am 6'1" 230lbs,
Proton w/ Stock Barrel, Vmax loader, 68ci 4500psi Ninja, and I feel comfortable.

My first day was spent learning the gun. Unfortunately the Refs felt that I should play with Advance so me playing semi and getting use to the trigger left me playing very slow and getting shot ALOT...SMH

Good thing about the Proton you can switch fire modes without a single tool (except for tourney modes). So for the rest of the day I switched between 3rnd burst and Full Auto 10 bps. I felt more comfortable with the gun and playing with the other "A" guys. In turn I was able to focus more on my playing and movement versus firing the gun.

Day 1, 2000 rounds, 4-5 breaks.

Day 2, 3000 rounds, 1 break.

Stuck in Advance again, but I had my wits and determined to play well. I felt comfortable with the gun and I've made the biggest/most important discovery I could make.


That being said I used my Full Auto, 10 bps cap, 90% of the day, and there were no issues. I played very well, and odd enough some of the "A" guys started talking to me. And some of the younger guys were asking to trade my gun...I didn't trade. I just got the thing.

My thoughts on improvements are a barrel, seeing that the Proton has AutoCocker threads I'm told there are many barrels out there for the picking. The stock barrel has a decent grouping tendency but I would like more distance with that accuracy. Coming from a "Tippmann Flatline" probably has me feeling this way.

Otherwise the gun is working great. Don't believe me, come shoot.

My next thoughts are to set and adjust the ramping modes for when I play the "A" guys. Setting Ramp 1 to engage after 4 pull per second, and Ramp 2 to engage at 9 pull per second. Both ramping to the field limit of 12bps. (Even though I'm sure there are guys shooting higher than 12bps)

Well thanks for reading. Comment if you would like.