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In Topic: help in id of an old stacked tube marker

29 January 2013 - 09:41 PM

bingo on the tribal. a twister tribal i googled trible and found the trible owners group and taadahh there she be. for my 89 dollars i got the gun an aci stubby tank, an old nitro duck tuff skin 4500 tank with the old school reg, stock barrel, what looks like a lapco 14" barrel. some old brasseagle pods, a very cool and working viewloader 9volt revolution. the gun leaks like a beeyotch, from out of the vert feed, (that cant be good) but it turned on and cycled until i ran out of air which i had less than 1000 psi when i hooked it up. i took pics on my cell and up loaded them to my facebook page but i dont know how to get them here. im old, like the flintstones, and we didnt have technology. lol. thanx for the help with this id have never figured it out haha

In Topic: help in id of an old stacked tube marker

29 January 2013 - 04:45 PM

tribal? who made tribal have not heard of or have just forgotten that one. my guess is mabey a bushmaster but still its longer more like an old school matrix. the back is flush with no knob. the bolt is visible from the back but flush with the back. on the back plate is a micro switch, and a red, green ,and yellow light. also some kind of port or jack. other than that the set up seams same as imp, bushy, defiant etc. it does look like at once upon a time it was a pricey pb gun.

In Topic: GA Ballers

13 January 2013 - 09:32 AM

reporting in, northeast ga. played mostly at paintball atl, and maximum pb which is no longer around that im aware of.

In Topic: return reflex rail for etek4?

12 January 2013 - 06:42 PM

ok , i kept the reflex, and put the etek on layaway haha. i couldnt make up my mind so i just got both of them. i got to shoot the rail today and it shot pretty sweet. reminded me alot of my shocker. didnt shoot quite as nice but really close...close enough. still havent shot paint through the etek, but from all the reviews that ive read, and the fact that an extra gun is a good thing, i went and did it. could have got a DP G4 instead, but since i would have had to put it on layaway, i said @#$% it and got the etek4. i really appreciate the feed back, and the lack of flaming. nice site so far.

In Topic: Underweight after Weight Loss?

11 January 2013 - 03:36 PM

i have recently lost from 340 pounds down to 210. i am 51 years old and am 6'2" tall. i began this ordeal in may of 012. i am now in the maint. phase as i do not care to lose any more weight. i went down to 210 which is 10 pounds below my 220 target weight. so that as i learn to maintain my weight and allow my body to recover and stabilize, i have some room to work with. i began lifting weights at 280. strictly strenghth training and as a way to combat muscle loss from my drastic weight reduction. also by creating lean muscle for my skin to hold on to so i wouldnt look like a flying squirrel due to all the loose skin. my theory is that im too old to maintain a ripped body for more than 5-10 years b4 im right back to being flabby. so im aimming more for the zero body fat lean muscle way to go. i think it will be easier to maintain and better for sports such as paintball. i walk or run everyday. work out lower body then upper body three days a week, not on same day. i was glad to read what some of you are eating, or more importanly not eating. i take it that you are a lot younger than i am and prob. have much more natural muscle mass. congrats on the weight loss, and remember what a beeyotch it was to lose. so dont go blowing it on enchiladas and vanilla fudge ice cream haha. please post your progress and any thing that helps you in your endeaver.