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oil leak on etek4

18 February 2013 - 07:07 PM

hello, i just purchased an etek 4 took it out of the box aired it up after adding a tiny amount of oil to the bolt. the rammer didnt need any. any way after shooting a couple of pods i noticed some oil showing between trigger frame and gun body. the marker is brand new, is this just an etek 4 quirk or do i need to be callin the store? the gun shot fine and i dont remember hearing any air from that part of gun escaping. any insight would be nice. am not going to fool with taking any thing apart until i get some feed back. or ill just return it if need be and let them fix it. if it is something serious. thanx in advance.

help in id of an old stacked tube marker

28 January 2013 - 03:30 PM

please try to help me id an old electronic marker. sorry i cannot seem to up load a pic from my cell, so ill have to just try to wing it. ok, its a stacked tube, spash annoed, bolt has pin at the top behind vert. feed tube, no eyes that i can see, just the old cocker style ball detente, the body is very cut and carved with day light between the stacked tubes, single style trigger, with PP on the rubber grips. other than that there is no other visible lettering or name. on first glance it looks to be some kind of old timmy or similar model. the body is boxy, and rectanglar, think, old school shocker, or trix, but way lighter. back of marker has an on off switch, some kind of port mabey for a charger, or internet cable. it does have a 9 volt battery on the right side of the grip i think. there is no external lpr, reg is huge, reminds me of an old spyder reg, drop forward goes wayyyy forward with a stubby tank that looks pretty new, looks like cocker threads for the one pc barrel. im thinking circa, 99-2001 mabey. price is dirt cheap, stubby tank is worth price of the whole deal. gun, drop, tank, 2 barrels, viewloader revvy. less than 100.00. but i would at least like to know what marker it is and if i can even find parts for it. i dont need a 65 dollar paper weight. lol. if i can figure out how to up load pics i will do it as i did take several pics of the marker. thanks in advance.

return reflex rail for etek4?

07 January 2013 - 04:21 PM

hello, this is my first post on this site. but i`ll get right to it. i recently have returned to pb after 4 years. my last pb gun was a shocker sft. and i just recently bought an 012 reflex rail. its still brand new in the case, no balls have been thru it as of yet. i went to the pro shop to buy the etek 4. but got all misty eyed over the rail. the shop owner told me that basically the rail would shoot smoother and have tighter groupings, ergo my shocker sft, but i would also be changing o rings, and probably experience more break downs with the prr. again ergo my shocker. and that the etek4 would be less refined in most every way in stock form anyway, but be more reliable. basically, the shop owner said that if i wanted, i could return the rail and get the etek4 since they are the same price at this store. $499.00.
ok level with me, im not a newb, but im also not a gun tech. is this information pretty much how it is. honestly i just didnt like the trigger on the etek as much as the reflex, but triggers can be adjusted. i really like the reflex but i can remember not liking all the spoolie head aches that i had with my shocker. should i switch out for the etek4, or just keep the reflex and buy the etek later. i want paint ball to be fun, not a pain in the buttocks. sorry post is long. thanks in advance.