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barrel breaks with a new phantom

21 February 2014 - 10:41 AM

using rps premium gold paintballs with the green detent ring i was getting barrel breaks. removed the detent, no break but rollouts.

switched to freak bored barrel with .684 (blow test) and got breaks. and got rollouts at .687 w/o breaks


my nefew and i were just shooting his new phantom in the backyard to get him use to it before he plays

i dont have a chrono so it was bone stock, fresh from mike's hands. we were using 12g in like 65F temp


my etek shot the same bag fine with the .682 insert


my friends and i thought the paint may be too brittle for the phantom


this is my first phantom expirence and since mine is showing up in a few weeks

i was hoping the awsome techpb commuity could help figure out the issue


P.S. something to make the phantom vets smile

pump the gun quickly or you'll double feed lol

Looking at getting a chrono

14 February 2014 - 07:59 PM

as the title says, i'm looking to get a chrono because i play a fair amount of outlaw ball some a friends piece of property.


looking for a good handheld chrono in the $100- $200 range


mike has suggested this in past videos but wanted to know if anyone had better suggestions



if it matters we use



etek 4



and a combo of 12g, co2, and hpa