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In Topic: Check out the Arena in Lawton!!

11 June 2013 - 07:27 AM

This field could definitely use some better publicity. If I had a decent camera, I would start posting up some pictures. The field is a lot of fun.

They have Attack/defense which is usually one of the longer fields to play. The spools and hyperball field are both fast paced and well thought out. The city field is attached to attack/defend and has a ton of thought and effort put into it. It's a very large field full of bunkers. Lots of CQB if you're not careful. :P They also have an air ball field up when weather permits, and have another lot for an additional air ball field on busy/tournament days.

When you first pull up, don't sell it short. The pro shop is in a converted garage, but they have a considerable amount of equipment available for purchase or rent. The owners are very friendly as long as you are not a total twat. The techs there are informative and can walk you through anything, or they can do it for you. Every time I've had a marker worked on, they have done it for cheaper than I could have done myself due to their dealer pricing with the companies.

I strongly suggest making a trip out there if you're in the area. Saturdays have quite a few walk-ons, and Sundays are more focused on the air ball field since that's when their team practices.

In Topic: Spool Valve Options.

08 January 2013 - 06:09 AM

Thanks for the info guys. I loved the Alien Indy so I might be up for the invasion. I appreciate all the input.

Thanks for correcting me on the Axe not being a spool valve. I was un-aware that there was a difference between spool and in-line poppet. Learn something new every day.

In Topic: Spool Valve Options.

07 January 2013 - 11:48 PM

Used Clones or Droids, maybe really nice Shockers. You could always look into the Victory, inline poppet similar to the Axe.

I have shot a Droid, and it was extremely light and shot very smooth. The only thing that turned me off to it was every time it fired, it felt hollow and fragile, and I heard a *tink* sound. That for some reason bothered me. Do they all make that sound? Can it be tuned to maybe reduce that sound?

In Topic: Empire Axe tuning

07 January 2013 - 11:31 PM

I think Angel just has a misunderstanding of HPA. As was said though, it would be wasted money.

In Topic: 2012 reflex rail or empire axe

07 January 2013 - 11:27 PM

Personally, I don't think the ergos on the Axe are bad at all. The Axe does however come with a 12" one-piece barrel making it harder to press up on bunkers.

For people saying that the Axe doesn't shoot smooth without upgrades. BS. Learn to tune the gun. If you allow the gun time to break in, then tune it properly, the Axe is butter with almost un-measurable recoil/vibration. It is a bit loud out of the box for a spool, but a cheap CF barrel ($30) and a tune will get it whisper quiet.

I've never shot the reflex so I can't speak on it.