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Spool Valve Options.

07 January 2013 - 11:42 PM

I have shot my Axe for quite some time now and am thoroughly impressed with it's performance thus far. However, with my wife wanting to move up in the world of paintball from her Tippmann, it falls on me to purchase a new marker. Since it's my wife, and she will only play occasionally, I want it to be a gun that I will also enjoy. So I'm comping to you all for suggestions. I'm looking for a new spoolie.

My current setup on my Axe (tuned) is:
-Sly Diesel 2-piece CF barrel
-Infamous Boss Bolt & Soft Spring

(un-important to topic are)
-Low profile feedneck from Empire
-Redline board
-Dye Rotor
-Empire 68/45 with stock reg.

So if you've shot the quietest & smoothest Axe out there, it compares closely to mine. The gun is just amazing. I recently picked up a DP Fusion FX for dirt cheap and put a little work into it. I don't like it though. The marker has way to much vibration and since it is a stacked tube poppet, it has about an inch taller profile. So I'm dead set on another spool valve gun.

With a price range of $500-700 new or used, what markers might best fit my desire? And maybe even more importantly, which ones come in purple? :P