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Equipment for Females

13 January 2013 - 09:00 AM

So I've done quite a bit of internet searching on this topic (including this forum) and what little info there is out there seems out of date, often recommending equipment which is no longer being sold (looking at you Invert pants).

So I'm bringing my wife out to the field for her first game and while she's set with a typical renter-style ad-hoc gear arrangement (Black BDU pants w/ kneepads, hoody, gloves, mask), I really expect she's going to want to play more (she already owned the BDU's and pads from being heavy into nerf wars and live action roleplaying in college, I feel like scenario ball will be like taking that to the next level) so I've started to tackle the "real gear" problem.

First big issue has been pants, neither of us have any idea how to translate women's measurements into men's sizing. I was looking at Empire prevail pants because the sizing conventions appeared to be the same as the older invert pants that are heavily recommended for women but ran into a problem. The internet seemed to indicate that they were good for women because of generally longer length to waist ratio, which makes sense if you compare my wife's waist/inseam measurements to the sizing chart. But unlike men, women have hips significantly wider then their waist (10" wider in the case of my wife) so we're both wondering how she could possibly fit into a pair of men's cut pants measured accurately to her waist, but going according to her hips would put her in pants comically too large. I'm assuming the loose cut of paintball pants allows for wider hips then waist but how much wider? I feel like we're shooting in the dark, any female players who could give insight to this?

Padding, she has professional concerns regarding visible bruising in areas which would be visible in modest cut business attire, as well as general pain from being shot in the breasts. Leaving the women's hockey/fencing pads to a fall back, I was trying to figure out if there were viable options intended for paintball usage. I was looking at the Dye chest protector (forearm pads I figure aren't hard, just get a smaller size) due to the fact unlike most everyone's offering it is not one big pad covering from chest to shoulder/traps, and my thought pattern was the bit of spandex material between the chest padded area and the trap/shoulder pads would allow it to accommodate the female bust better then the solid pads.

Everything else I figure shouldn't be too hard to figure out, jersey's for example are alot easier to make alterations to then the nylon and pads that make up paintball pants. I'm already tracking i4s being the best fit for females (though my wife insists normal mask's fit her fine), and again gloves/forearm/knee pads are pretty unisex to begin with.

Anyone able to help?