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dm7 problem....

15 February 2013 - 04:19 PM

hey guys

ihave a dm7 about a week ago to make it working one of my friends but alot of oil on bolt system and it was shooting great (i just had shoot 100 bals or less)

Today ihave re lubed it with dye slick BUT it doesn't work correctly The problem is that it shoots the first ball then a hissss noise comes out of the gun(for 1-2 sec) ..... if you wait till the noise gone gun will shoot the next ball if don't bolt sticks on its way and wont cycle completely(note that the first ok shot doesn't come from FSDO protection)

i raised Dwell to 22=same problem
ihave increased LPR pressure a lot=same problem.

so what to do?

note that before that oiling markers was working.

and something else the thing that mike said in one of his videos about Fuse bolt FLICK test ....i try ed alot but my bolt even with lube(ing much) doesn't pass flick test.

ah another question can i use Vaseline on hyper 2 regulator?


03 May 2012 - 05:56 PM

is there any differents between embowed asa(i most saw on tippmans)and non embowed ones?
(sorry if there were any problem in typing or phrases im not good on english)

marker which?

03 May 2012 - 05:45 PM

hey guys,
I am playing paintball for more than a year and during this time i used tippman98 but now lookin for a good and cheap marker
i can pay about 150-200 maybe 250 USD because in my country paintball guns and accessories are pretty expensive(or BE expensive till arrive here)
or whats you suggestion to buy painball clothes?
ifound these tell me what is your opnion
spyder fenix 180 $
Azodin blitz 160 $
gog extcy 240 $
dp E1 200$
note:I can use only HPA
(sorry if there were any problem in typing or phrases im not good on english)