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Tank Explosion ( ACI Tank ) Please Read

19 May 2009 - 02:09 AM

just saw this on warpig.
Apparently ACI had some bottles left over with the old wider thread system. They made an adapter so you could fit the new style regulators on these tanks and were sold company direct. One of these tanks found its way to a local proshop for an airfill. When filling the threads of the adapter stripped out causing the regulator to snap back striking the person filling in the chest throwing him back several feet also rocketing the tank across the room threw a display. Randy Bocelli (person filling) walked away intact minus a good thud-n-tumble. Luckily there were no customers in the showroom when the tank fired.

The Adapter
Keep in mind the tank itself did not explode the explosion happened when the threads in the reg adapter ripped out. Judging by this pic of the regulator it looks like the adapter is the silver zrez just below the red regulator body. It acts as a stepdown from the old wider thread system to the new narrower regulator thread system. These adapters would found on are some of the older ACI tanks.

If at all possible try to notify your local proshops and fields about this incident. They deal with several hundred tanks per month and can/should help get these tanks out of circulation before something like this happens with another full showroom/airfill line.

post from warpig. the second link has a larger vid n pics of the tank.

Paintball Store owner Randy Bocelli injured in tank explosion in shop.
Here is a link.
As soon as I have more information I'll post it.
Here is more from Ballerscafe web forum.
Everyone needs to read this and take the approprate action.

Much Luck & Support Randy
--- Vague

Spring Thaw: Skullys Revenge - (Sat) March 28th

11 February 2009 - 04:23 PM

Command Paintball ~ Lower Demunds Rd. Dallas PA, 18612
----- Visit CommandPaintball.com for more info...

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Spring Thaw: Skullys Revenge
March 28th (Sat)

The Event: On Saturday March 28th 2009 Command Paintball will be hosting our first event of the year “Spring Thaw: Skullys Revenge”. The specifics for this event are simple. The Archon army (attackers) will have 4 hours to return Cron’s Skull (skully) to the tomb inside Castle Carnage and capture the Tablets of Resurrection from the Paraplex army. The Paraplex (defenders) main goal is to defend the lands of Carnage and capture the Skull of Cron. If the attackers do not complete 1 of the 2 main objectives within the first 3 hours the defenders win by default.

Event Pricing: The cost of Admission per player is ONLY $10 if pre-registered before March 15th. $15 after March 15th and $25 the day of the event. All day Comp Air and Co2 fills are included in the entry fee. For those who don’t have their own equipment we have rental equipment is also available for an additional $5. Pre-registrations are encouraged to guarantee rental equipment.

Paintballs (FPO): Paint must be purchased from Command Paintball for this event. Field Paint pricing is as follows 500 Balls (Bag) = $25, 1000 Balls (Half) = $35, and 2000 Balls (Case) = $65. If you are caught using non field paint you will be asked to leave without refund.

Leading Roles
The Paraplex army defending the "Castle Chaos" will be led by John S (Oddball) - Rogue Warriors
The Archon army attacking "Chaos" will be led by Joe Zam - F.O.R.K

Registration is capped at 300 players
Check in opens at 9:00 AM Game Breif 11AM Games start at 12pm sharp!
Pre-Reg before march 15th admission = $10
Pre-Reg after march 15th admission = $15
Day of the Event admission = $25 Rental equipment = $5
Pre Registrations encouraged to guarantee rental Equipment

Pre Reg Here
Other Event Info Here
CP Scenario Rules Here

Any Questions please contact Joe Zam at Vague312@yahoo.com

Digital Paint: Paintball2 - Old Q2 mod :)

13 January 2009 - 12:50 PM

thought a few of you guys might find this enjoyable.

Paintball2 is a stand alone paintball mod based off the Quake2 engine.
Nearly everything is custom from markers to player uniforms. Just download the game and hit play. Maps n such automatically download if you do not have them.

Download It here <- build 23 is the current version.
My personal DP server is JoeZam's Pub

When you first start up the game you will be asked to login to your dplogin acct. Some servers require a login acct some dont.
If you do not have one you can either click cancel or acquire one for free at www.dplogin.com. Players are only permitted to have 1 acct per person. If you are found with multiple accts you get global banned from the game.

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