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dm8 problem

27 March 2009 - 03:17 PM

hi, i just lubed my dm8 bolt and after i tryed to shoot it the bolt went forward but stopped in the middle of the breach and went back, and it sounded like 50fps^^ and i took the bolt out and alter a littlebit of lubing i put the bolt in again and the first 2-3 shots had the same problem but than i got into ramping and it shot normal. does anyone had this problem and has advice ?

Dye Boomstick vs. Stiffi

18 February 2009 - 10:00 AM

i have seen couple of DM with stiffis on it. but i have heard that the boomstick is as good as the stiffi.
i will get my dm8 in one week so i couldn't compare the 2 barrels ( i have a stiffi for my ion)

so , is the boomstick as light as the stiffi ?

or is there any difference on the accuracy ?

do des both shot accurat with reball ? ( i have heard that the boomstick shoots more accurat with reballs than the stiffi)

Mike's Job

17 February 2009 - 07:56 AM

i wondern what mike works for, what job he has. a own paintball field maby ?

so mike , what do you do ?

dm7 vs. dm8

12 February 2009 - 11:24 AM

i dont know what to buy , a dm7 or a dm8.

selfcleaning eyepipe (upgradeable -> dm9 eyepipe)
hyper3 reg. (nice handling because of the rubber and cause its so short)

used dm8 is about 550euro here in europe, thats about $700USD

2.03 lb (dont know exactly )

you can get a used dm7 for about 480euro , that would be $615USD

so could i get the dm7 and maby upgrade it with $85 USD or could i get the dm8 ?
and WHY could i get the dm7/dm8 ??

whats the best SPOOL VALV gun for 300-600 bugs ?

14 January 2009 - 10:52 AM

hi, i wanted to ask whats the best spool valv gun for 300-600 bugs. i dont like the egos and the g3 very much, i just prefer the spools more than the poppets.

i was thinking about a slg ul 09 but maby there are some better guns for like 100 or 200 dollars more.
or maby i should get a used dm8 or dm7 and i should tune them so far i want ?

i have a ion and i have read that i should not tune it very much because it'S just throwing money out of the window.
IF i will get a slg ul 09, can i tune it like a dm or is it like the ion (i mean that i will change the gun after a view month and it wont be very intelligent to put a lot of money into the gun, and a DM would last longer because it's better ?)

(i don'T know why so many people don'T like the dm8, why could that be a troudle marker ? :blink: )

AND , is the slg ul 09 comparable with a dm8 or a dm7 or a dm6 ?

ps.: sorry for my english i'm from austria