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Looking for players in Boston Area

13 January 2013 - 11:49 AM

Fatal Mafia is a NEPL D4 team that practices once a month at Boston Paintball. We are looking for dedicated players that can afford tournaments,practices, and our jerseys/pants. Fatal Mafia is sponsored by Empire so we will be rolling with all Empire products! You will be asked to purchase our team package that includes:

Pants The Package costs 175$ and is manditory

Our Goals:
Enter NEPL Bone-Possibly win
Get out there
practice hard
Get seen/Noticed
find solid players and sponsors
For next season:
Enter as many tournaments as possible
win as many as possible while having fun
continue practiceing hard
Get a charity!

Although we prefer players with Empire guns it is acceptable if you dont own one. Empire provides great packages (including the manditory clothing) plus an Axe, Z2, and E-vent for just 675$ if interested in buying an Empire gun. It is only manditory to buy the clothing package not to buy/have an Empire gun...

these packages will be bought before November for BONE! Sadly this will only be our only tournament for some of our players dont turn 15 for a few more months. That gives us a lot of time to practice and get better till then! These packages must be ordered all at once and there will not be any refunds! Email us at FatalMafia@Live.com and include:

Number Cellphone:
Gun/set up from head to toe:
Why you want to join Fatal Mafia:
What youll bring to the team:
Why we should pick you:
A picture of yourself.

Captain Pereira will gladly answer any questions!