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In Topic: Ordering your own CCM 6.5 or CCM T2

04 February 2013 - 08:21 AM

Since CCM is pretty difficult to get a hold of, I figured I would post up the information I got from Melissa, so that if anyone wants to order a CCM 6.5 or CCM T2, all the order forms and explanations are in one place. I may also post this in the Pump Forum as well.

Contact Information for Melissa Thompson-

melissa @ chipleymachine.com (spaced out so spammers don't get the email address)

CCM 6.5 Info and Ordering Sheets

Posted Image

Ordering Sheet (PDF or XLS)



CCM T2 Info and Ordering Sheets

Posted Image

Ordering Sheets (PDF or XLS)-



What is the turn around when you order