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30 January 2013 - 01:17 AM

Shot myself in the hand point blank while trying to put barrel sock on. it was my first day of using an electronic marker rather than the rental 98s. the trigger was huge and super light i wan't used to keeping fingers off and I forgot to shut the gun down.

in a woodsball game I convinced 3 other people to go with me deep into the woods to flank other team as the previous games were all bottlenecked into a small area. we horribly miscalculated how much we were actually turning and ended up about 3 kms from the field. when we realized that we no longer heard shooting noise from the other fields we knew we were lost in the woods. after we got back people were yelling in the woods for us.

fell out of a sniper tower trying to duck from shots coming in through the windows. (the ladder went from ground to the inside of the fully walled tower through a hole in the ground. fall was about 10 feet and hurt a ton cause i landed on by back/side.

not much of a fail but it was an oddity. at cameron paintball (hamilton ontario) they have go kart tracks and a shop. I bought the last 4 large smoke grenades and decided to use them all in one game. about 15 seconds after deployment, I realized that this was a horrible overkill. thinking smoke would last less than a minute I, as well as the people on ALL the other fields, both go kart tracks and nearby highway section were surprized by the huge amount of fog. 280,000 cubic feet of smoke to be exact.