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Virtue Rotor Board

30 March 2013 - 03:23 AM

HI there...was thinking of getting this board upgrade for my rotor...

1. The person selling me this, just has the board. Without the RF Kit...Does the Unjam Function still works without it?
2. Without the RF Kit....what are the advantages of this board compared to the stock board?

Thanks...hope i didn't ask in the wrong thread....

KR15WONG@THE SAINT, Malaysia...

DP G3 - Leaking from the front

11 March 2013 - 12:34 AM

Hi there guys...

I got this DP G3 from a seller. Got it secondhand. Tested everything and it was ok.
When i got to the field to play, at first it was doing fine, but then i noticed that
i was using a lot of air...eventhough i wasn't shooting that much.

Had to refill the tank (68ci) after each round of game. Weird.
Then i noticed a slight hissing sound coming from the front of the marker.
There are two screws in front. Not sure what they are used for. The manual doesn't state anything on it.

Tried tightening them. Still leaking. Took them out, reinstalled it. Worse......

Does anyone had this problem and solved it?
Thanks in advance guys....

Ps: Attached is the picture of the two screws placement.
Attached File  2013-03-11 11.29.08.jpg   117.8KB   12 downloads

Anyone know what part is thi?

23 January 2013 - 02:58 AM

Hi there....a total noob to the paintball scene.
Got my Azodin Kaos recently and haven't even taken a shot of it yet...

My question is not on the marker itself, but a part that i saw on the web..
It is the part below the frame, which is an attachement for a regulator or an ON/OFF ASA ( i think ) and the tank..

Anyone has any idea which manufacturer carries this part?
Seems to be better for balance when using the marker.

Thanks in advance!!!

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