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Slow Automag Recharge

01 October 2013 - 11:18 AM

A good old friend of mine (who's been out of Paintball for a decade) finally relinquished the command of his 68 Automag Classic to me the other day. It's in very excellent condition for sitting that length of time. All O rings and such are still tight and functional. After servicing and oiling and all it fires quite well but can be only fired slowly. The regulator seems to be slow recharging. I have thoroughly checked out the reg and all it's passageways, but can't seem to find any problem.


If fired and the trigger held, then wait a second and release trigger, the air chamber seems to refill slower then it should. I have tried to google the problem but found no similar action with anyone else. I'm not sure, but think this Automag may be an earlier model of the Classic line.


I had figured maybe there was an air passage that needed moded by Air Gun Designs but I don't recall my buddy having this problem with it back when he had picked it up second hand and put it to use. There must be something I'm over looking.


When my buddy had it, it was with expansion chamber and had Micro line and fittings on it and ran on CO2. I removed those items and have it on compressed air with single braided hose from the ASA to the reg. As I said there is excellent air flow through all right from the ASA and no O rings were frozen or damaged. I've also tried two different N2 bottles and the hook up right off my large fill bottles with no improvement.


Any help would be appreciated.

It F&@#'n figures!

22 September 2013 - 11:18 AM

Well I recently I just discovered the macro line swivel fiasco with Planet Eclipse. Yes I have an EGO 8 with the horizontal swivel and 90 degree macro line elbow. I want to put a POPS on for an ASA and figured might as well just get the 45 degree swivel like the EGO 11 right? I'm sure many of you know my just realized plight or at least heard about it. If you haven't, Google about it. EGO 11 swivel and why PE won't sell them at any cost for fear it'll be put into a GEO 2 which causes a safety concern.


Ya know what....I'll sign any legal document necessary to say that I'm putting this 45 degree swivel on my EGO 8 and it will remain on that gun as long as it's in my possession. If for any reason the gun passes out of my possession, I will mail the swivel back to Planet Eclipse or pay a massive fine and life imprisonment!


I do not own a GEO 2 and wouldn't put it on one if I had one. Maybe PE could spend five minutes and make some specific 45 degree swivels just for the GEO 2. Then guys who want to make them look like a GEO 3 can do so safely and the rest of us can finally get the goddamn 45 swivel for our EGO's or whatever! But no, the only way I can get one is to buy a second hand EGO 11. Course then I'm just going to use the '11 and shelf the '08 anyway. 


Oh there's ways around it. pick up a 1/8 45 degree fitting and put a straight macro fitting on it or just get a CP reg and change it to bottom fitting. Or I know a machine shop that will duplicate the EGO 11 swivel down to the last micron minus the ECLIPSE logo. All that shouldn't be fucking necessary! If PE is just trying to cover their own ass from a misfiring GEO 2 lawsuit, then do what everyone else does and put a warning on the package! Then sell the fucking 45 swivel to the many that are ready to slit throats to get one!


This is exactly the little shit that pisses me off!


P.S. : Yes i call markers guns just like squirt guns, calking guns, nail guns, staple guns, etc. I know why the name "marker" was brought about, but it's still a type of gun so suck it up! Look at all the MIL SIM crap out now, close as I've seen to when I was in Afghanistan! Don't try to sugar coat it that half of paintball, the half not all splash anodized and colorful jersey'd, isn't guns and war games! That doesn't mean it's harmful or deadly, it's still just fun and recreation so suck it!



Things that make you go hmmm

18 March 2013 - 08:56 AM

My back-up HPA tank is a Draxxus 48/3000 "Steelie". In the reg is the coil sping, two spring washers and two shim washers. In research to the internals of this spring set up, I only find mention of the coil spring. So are the spring washers and/or the shims a low pressure kit or normal? This tank normally will be on my back-up PB gun(Upgraded Ion)which I understood as needing a high output HPA tank, thus it's ability to run on CO2 if that's all that was available.

If needed I can fix up a photo of the set-up in schematic form, but it's the piston installed into the ASA end then the two spring washers, coil spring, two shim washers and then that assembly screwed onto the tank end of the reg. (I know, I've probably told a few on here how to suck eggs on reg assembly)

If there is an expert in the house in this reguard, I'd like to have some feedback as to setting the reg spring assembly up right for the Ion before I take the tank to be re-hydroed and filled.

PS. Yes this is a used tank that I accuired and has been taken apart previously to me receiving it.

If this gun could talk...

15 March 2013 - 09:28 PM

I love the fact that the Luxe board will speak, but is it possible to plug it into a computer and program or change things it can say? Is it rumored to be able to do so in later models even? I would sell some of my real guns to buy one that would spit out whatever phrases I choose!

Pliers are for rusty fasteners

05 March 2013 - 06:00 PM

Do all the Planet Eclipse barrels that are two piece have reverse threads to separate them? Or is there anything on this or the barrels themselves in the manuals? Just wondering because the last owner of my Ego 8 for whatever reason wanted the barrel tip off and didn't clue in reverse threads, thus getting two pairs of pliers and trying to force them apart the conventional way and voila! Nice marring scrape marks! I think it is something that should have been put in the manual for the one I downloaded that looks like the legit Ego 8 manual, but nothing on the removal and separation of the barrel. Obviously it's not common knowledge. Thanks.