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Classic guns brought back as limited customs

07 May 2016 - 08:06 PM

If there's any guys on here that are part of any of the pb gun manufacturing companies, you may be able to answer me on this quite easy. I always hear players say they liked some particular gun from back in the day and wish they could get one, but either they were made in too limited or few in number, or so long ago that ones available are all too old n busted. I understand that manufacturing facilities change and get retooled and expand for newer products, but does the old tooling and milling machines that made those old simpler first guns always get sent into history? I think of the first Alien paintball guns with the simple blocky milling and that teardrop trapdoor feed mechanism they made in very limited numbers around 2002. Then all the sudden they were gone and they started making more trusted stacked tube markers. That's just one example.


Now what I'd like to know is could at least some companies entertain the idea of still being able to make some of those old sought after guns on a special order? Dust off the old blue prints and bust the rusty lock off the back garage that was once the small scale factory for some of those earlier cult followed markers. OK, so maybe such revisited models reproduced would command a steeper price then they did, but hey now it's like buying a '57 chevy made just like it was in 1957 and it was made right now! I don't know, maybe it's totally unfeasable. Anyone have the answers to explain please?

Legality of Your Own Field

17 April 2016 - 10:12 PM

Does anyone on here run their own field and/or know even the basics of what coverage would be needed to build lets say a small field behind your own house just for your kids and maybe their friends. Or yourself and your own friends. Not charging money, just a place for friends who have all their own stuff and want a place to play at no cost thats not just running around in a plot of woods nearby.