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In Topic: Is my woodsball lodeout good?

02 February 2013 - 11:25 PM

May I ask why you are by a separate setup for speed ball. If I were you when you get the speedball setup I would just use the speedball setup for woodsball too. Before I got the dam I used my ETHA for woodsball.

i like to dress up and be diferent

The last time I checked hpa whether its a steel tank or cf will always out perform co2. Co2 is a dieing technology and is murder on an unregulated gun because of pressure spikes. Just watch either Mike's or hustle pb's videos compair hpa to co2. Better yet watch both and then come back to this forum preaching co2 is better then hpa.

i never said co2 is better than hpa i said i have co2 dipshit

In Topic: Paintball Marker Aiming

29 January 2013 - 08:04 PM

Well with electronic markers the feedneck is in the way of aiming so you have to shoot your gun and depending on your line of shots and where they are hitting. re adjust. and over time your skills wll become more fluwid

In Topic: How to Strengthen My Back?

27 January 2013 - 10:10 AM

I need some tips to strengthen my back, since I can only sit-up straight, or stand-up straight for so long. Give me the easy stuff.

Reason I need to know this, is because I want better posture. It makes me feel more proud of myself and it makes me taller. I've had a bad habit of hunching for a LONG time... I have to get rid of this habit.

Go to your local gym and ask someone there (someone thats bigger in muscle) what execise machines are best for back. then what you can do for your posture is write on your hand (POSTURE!) and everytime you look at your hand stand up straight this way you cant forget ;)... hope this helped


In Topic: muscles used in paintball

27 January 2013 - 10:07 AM



In Topic: Is my woodsball lodeout good?

27 January 2013 - 10:06 AM

Id recommend a carbon fiber. Holds more air than the steelies of the same volume to keep you out on the field longer. Especially if you plan on playing in any scenarios.


yes i agree carbon fiber is the better route. thanks for your help

Aluminum (often called steel) tanks are a quick option if your cheap and have an electro. Honestly, co2 is better for the gun you are using, as its already an unregulated gun. Co2 will get many more shots per tank over the steelie. You should save up for a carbon fiber tank though, as they are much superior to co2 tanks and steelies, as it provides the lightest tank, as well as the highest capacity for air. and is ideal for when you upgrade guns.

Most people don't like the savephace goggles... they tend to fog easily, have terrible breath-ability, and you wont get any bounces off the hard material. But, I know theres a pro player who wears one (forget which team, but i saw it on the webcasts all the time)... so I don't know. I wouldn't buy one. I like my Profits, I get an insane amount of bounces off my LENS, as well as the soft material on the mask. But the Eflex and I4's are killer as well. You wont understand how great highend masks are until you use one.

Look into any used super loaders for an electronic hopper, so you can shoot as fast as you want, and I'd suggest picking up the Empire Apex2 barrel.

Thanks for your help! and yes i agree theres not bounce on the savephace masks but i love the way they feel. im going to get a flex eventually but right now money is tight and im saving for a electric marker, tank, hopper for speedball so nows not the best time for a mask and yes i am going to get a carbon fiber.... thanks for all your help