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17 May 2013 - 03:48 PM

The GBG went pretty darn well. Best weather anyone could remember. I thought it was high quality play, with a very close game all day. I was very happy about it,
I will be attending LL6 with Splat Tag Army/Wild bunch. I believe last head count was about 30ish, I am quite excited.

Have fun and kick some ass!

How's it going everybody? Enjoying your summers so far?

I figured I'd hop on and give my monthly "I plan on being more active" but then neglect to post, post. ;)

In Topic: Minnesota Ballers Club V2

13 March 2013 - 09:40 AM

oh wow thats awesome lol. so who is planning on making this Jungle Rumble?

I'd like to make it out to a few Rumbles this year. For sure GBG though.

I've got team practices scheduled bi-weekly so hopefully big games will fall in between.

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28 February 2013 - 06:05 PM

so I tried to take the dovetail rail off my gen 3 timmy...

Posted Image

Those must be some high quality allen keys! :dodgy:

Did you end up getting the dovetail removed or is the screw still stuck?

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13 February 2013 - 11:00 AM

It looks good sitting there. We are piecing together the outlet hose on it. He kind of forgot about that part when he ordered it and he doesn't want to pay the $200+ to buy one. :blink: Our other friend who plays with us works at a construction rental place, so he is getting the parts at wholesale cost. Hope to have it up and running before the season starts. Only a few of us have HPA tanks, the rest use C02. At this point, we only have a few guns (Automag RT Pro, Reflex Rail, and his black magic likes it a lot more than CO2...his AT10 is designed to run on both but the valve is acting funny) that require it, so it isn't a huge deal.

So what you're saying is... Tom Kaye should have named it the doorstop. :lol:

I suppose now that you're getting them at wholesale its a non-issue, but couldn't he have just called up Technicor and ordered the correct parts?

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06 February 2013 - 10:56 PM


woah, hello new guy, whats your setup? got a pic of it?

I have a some stuff. Nothing really exciting.

2 Spyder mech semis--1 purple for the wife
Spyder Shutter
Automag Classic
Tippman Carbine with expansion chamber
Autococker Trilogy
Autococker Black Magic

Lots of C02 tanks. :P (we get a bulk 50 lbs canister for $35 and friend has a shoebox for HPA)

How does he like the shoebox?