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In Topic: GoG envy review

06 February 2013 - 02:24 PM

I am getting the gun to play with other Mechanicals. this gun is like max 11bps so that is why it is categorized a mech gun. I dont really play tournmant like x-ball. i play woodsballs alot so this would be a good gun for me. It is also a low-pressure gun so it is a whole lot more accurate than tippmann project salvo, which is a high-pressure gun is unaccurate.

I am also thinking about getting a proto primo for now before i get a rotor'ed hopper.

In Topic: Paintball woodsball

29 January 2013 - 02:09 PM

Thanks for the tips, i checked out your site. I dont use batteries, i mainly am a woodsball person, i pratice with guys on speedball. I have a project salvo and iam starting to clean it real intenseveliey. I am going to be going back and see if it will improve my accuracy. I am going to buy a box of paint there.

Main question: how would i clean my hopper and barrel thoroughly?

In Topic: Paintball woodsball

29 January 2013 - 01:09 AM

One tip is to rotate paint in storage so it doesnt sit on one side and get dimpled if youre storing it for more than a couple days.

When playing in the woods I wait for a teammate to start shooting and drawing attention and then I move up along the side of the field and catch the othe team in their sides and then usually take a route thats not covered around to their start and hit them from behind. Its amazing how easily people get tunnel vision. Just make sure your team knows where youre going so they dont shoot you too haha! Another tacic when Im playing on a field thats narrow is I charge right up the middle and hit the two groups that move on each side. They never expect someone on their side of the field 10 seconds into the game.

Have fun and good luck!

thanks man for the reply, i am going to use that me and my brother did that one time we got behind the whole entire team, then when we started opening fire we were at their fort and they had to turn around and shoot us while our team moved up and we pretty much had them at a choke point and they couldn't move haha.

thanks for the reply and anymore tips you can give, i have a project salvo with a few upgrades. Which marker do you have and how do you improve your accuracy on your marker. I have started cleaning my gun intensevily after every play. so i hope that will improve the accuracy i have a 48/3000 Hpa tank so i am good on the air.

In Topic: Project salvo problems

28 January 2013 - 10:12 PM

I have an X7, I just take off my feeder base assembly and run water in it dry out with paper towel then a blow dryer. Works everytime for me.

Do you take your X7 apart and clean inside of the bolt and stuff. Because i just took mine apart and thinking of taking it apart again to clean it a little bit more and check it out. But main question is do you take yours apart and clean around it a little.

In Topic: Project salvo problems

28 January 2013 - 03:08 PM

All the gun and barrel do is propel the paintball down range. The quality of the paintball itself and the cleanliness of your gear will determine the accuracy.

The paintball must be non dimpled, have clean seams, and not be oily. The inside of your barrel and hopper and such should be squeaky clean. And broken paint or dirt in there will put your accuracy to shit.

How would i clean my tippman cyclone feed hopper. They say not to pour water in the hopper. My Project salvo, i heard that you dont have to take it apart to clean it. I dont want to take it apart and mess something up and will not be able to put it back together. Also the day i played it was 40 degrees Fahrenheit so that could have affected the accuracy due to alot of ball chopping. i have squishy paddles in the cyclone feed so it will be fragile on the balls. I use a Ninja 48/3000 psi tank so i am good on air. But i think there is a video on youtube giving you step by step on how to take it apart.
Thanks guys for the reply