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30 January 2013 - 02:25 PM

im in surrey on a couple of acres. got a pb field in backyard my friends and i built. used to be where i tested my 4x4 when i built it. it has trenches, towers, bunkers, trails, a bridge. good small games usually 2-8 a team dependeding on games we play. its BYOP and air(i do have a 5' tall nitro setup and scuba as well) and I sell paint to thoi=se who run out @ 20 for 500. gotta make a small buck to cover fuel costs of hauling trailer to get wood n cover products. youngest out playing was 9yrs old. Got about 5 or 6 extra guns for newbs plus masks. good times. Drinking ok if youre a responsible drinker. No Dumbasses. there will be more added to the field to make games interesting. Got enough parking for about 10-15 cars on property as well. But like i said, small games.