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2011 Proto Rail

31 May 2013 - 06:26 PM

Marker: 2011 Proto Rail

Condition: 9/10

Color: Black

Upgrades: clamping feedneck, CP on/off, P.E. barel 14 inch

Known Problems: A small scratch on the bolt can that causes a slight hissing out of the back. Does not effect shooting or performance at all, if you don't want the hissing anymore you can get a bolt can from dye for free if you send the gun in. I have played 4 times with this gun ( used it as a back up) and it has worked flawlessly.

Asking Price: $185 OBO shipped or best offer

Shipping Options: USPS

Trades of interest: none

Location of item: Tampa, Florida (33615)

What is Included: Gun, barrel, warranty card, original asa, o-rings, manuel,barrel sock


3A 68/4500 w/ ninja pro reg and tank cover

31 May 2013 - 06:13 PM

Tank size: 68/4500

Tank / Reg manufacturer: 3A/ Ninja

Reg HP or LP: HP/LP

Condition: 9.5/10

Born date: Jan 2004

Re-test date: August 2017

Area Stamps: DOT-E & TC

Known Problems:None, works great

Asking Price: 95 shipped

Shipping Options: USPS

Trades of interest: None

Location of item: Tampa Florida

What is Included: Tank, Dye tank cover, thread saver




My thoughts on the Dangerous Power G5

26 February 2013 - 12:43 AM

Hello world (or whoever is reading this),

I purchased the Dangerous Power G5 new from ANS gear on December 1st and have owned the Dangerous Power G5 for a couple of months now. These are my thoughts on the gun.

ASA-Amazing, works just how it is supposed to and have had no issues with it.
No Macroline-Again, another amazing feature. An evolution for the G series guns. No leaks, no problems.
The trigger-This is probably the best part of the gun in my oppinion. This microswitch blade trigger kills others in its price range (Rail,Mini,GOG). I only played semi in speedball and the trigger is just simply amazing.
Hand room- There is plenty of hand room. Even though it is a small gun, it is very spacious.
Clamping feedneck- does what is supposed to do. I have had no problems with it and it is very adjustable on the go.
Barrel-Does what is supposed to do. .690 bore I believe?
Overall external looks- 7/10 for guns of all price ranges 10/10 for guns of its price range in my oppinion

Now I am going to get down to the actually bolt engine of the gun. As many of us know, the Dangerous Power G series guns have a bad reputation for bolt stick. I had bolt stick with the gun when I put the factory lube on the gun. When you buy the G5 or any G gun for that matter THROW AWAY THE FACTORY LUBE. Once you do that, clean off your gun of the factory lube and any other lube in the gun that you please (hater sauce, monkey poo, dow33, Sleek). Silly puddy works as a better lubrication than the factory lube. My spit works as better lubrication. Sand paper will work better.

After I relubed the gun with a different lube (Hatersauce) I did not experience bolt stick. None at all.

Now that I am done with the bolt stick issue, let's move on to the kick of the gun. I know people say "My AK47 has kick, paintball guns don't have kick". Please keep in mind that I am talking about kick relative to other guns. After shooting a Mini and a Rail, I must say that I am not impressed. The gun feels like a cannon in my hands (FPS of 290) compared to my Invert Mini shooting the same FPS. Same for the Rail. Everytime I pull the trigger, the gun rises noticably and affects the accuracy of the shot (I would say about a centimeter of rise the first shot then it levels after that).

The gun gets around 7-8 pods off of a 68/4500 so I would say that is sufficent.

What are my overall thoughts of the gun:

The Dangerous Power G5 was not the gun for me. All of the great features of the gun could not outweigh how the gun shot. Compared to my invert mini, I felt like I was going to rip through paintballs everytime I shot and I could feel a noticable kick. Sorry Dangerous Power Fans. All I have to say is I hope TechT comes out with a bolt system that helps with making the shot softer.

So I believe..
Invert mini>Rail>Dangerous Power G5

Thank you for reading and sorry in advance for all of the spelling errors. :blink:

Side note-

What kind of person gets a Dangerous Power G5?
A person that wants a lot of great features on a gun for a low price and doesn't care about having soft shot. A person with bigger hands and a person who likes to shoot semi auto (this trigger is awesome).

What kind of person gets an Invert Mini?
Some one with small hands that can take advantage of the low price for such an amazing shooting gun. Also, a person that doesn't play a lot of semi auto play or is willing to pay extra for an aftermarket trigger (the stock trigger is a mess).

What kind of person gets a Proto Rail?
Someone that can't afford an Axe and has bigger hands, wants a softer shooting gun, and doesn't really care about effeciency.

Dangerous Power G5

19 February 2013 - 08:03 PM

Marker: Dangerous Power G5
Condition: internally 10/10 externally 10/10
Color: Black
Upgrades: none
Known Problems: None
Asking Price: $255 $240 OBO
Shipping Options: I will cover shipping
Trades of interest: None
Location of item: 32246
What is Included: Marker, barrel, box, barrel condom, spare parts kit

This gun is in perfect working order and was cleaned out after every time I played with it. I have put 6 cases through the gun and it is a smooth shooting gun. No scratches, just perfect.

**Update**- Price dop from 255 to 240. Let's get this gun sold people. The gun is in perfect condition.

WTB something like Proto Rail or invert mini

31 January 2013 - 01:17 PM

I love in Jacksonville,Florida. I am looking for buy a proto rail, invert mini, or something along those lines. I would take:

(no dangerous power products)
180-Proto Rail
185-invert mini
130-PM6 UL
170-PM7 UL

Or something else if you have it(please post if you think I would like your gun. . I only want items that are in workin order. I am tired Of searching, let's make a deal.