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In Topic: dropzonepaintball.com legit?

06 July 2013 - 12:42 AM

Said in 4 days it will be shipped, but they say it will take a WEEK to send out my order and I order it on 06/26/13 and it suppose to be sent out to me today which is 07/05/13 and just got a email saying that it will be shipped on 07/11/13 bad site. Will never buy from this site again and I'll let you guys know if I'll receive it or not

In Topic: Im New to paintball, Etek 4 Lt vs Axe

04 July 2013 - 02:13 AM

I would recommend the etek 4 for mainly because of its reliability and it is also easy to maintain as well. Plus it will feel better in your hands and its easier to get used to than empire axe as far as ergonomics go. Also it comes with its own hard case, a 14 inch barrel, and a really nice parts kit to help you keep your gun goin for a long time. Plus if you have any air flow issues later on down the road your regulator is an easy thing to clean and fix over the axe because you wuld have to send the axe back to empire due to them not wanting you to to mess with there internal regulator. Also if you do want to enter into tournaments later on there are a few upgrades you can make to an etek to let it keep up with your compotition. It is a great gun and as you get more and more involve in paintball this gun will help you improve and it is a good solid marker forthe price.

To correct you on the axe reg you don't have to send anything in and you can service it, it seems like they don't mind unless you break something, but email them about your reg and they'll send one out to you with no questions asked just tell them what went wrong. Best customer service ever!

In Topic: New Gun needed, Help would be nice !

03 July 2013 - 01:42 PM

Idk if you could find a new marker for 300 but a use Empire Axe would be all you need have all the things you mention or you can go the mini maybe around the 200 price range but be sure to get the v3 mini

In Topic: Spire Virtue rotating constantly?

02 July 2013 - 01:51 AM

Found the issue! It was the batteries that was causing this was using Energy Paintball Batteries then switch to Energizer then it work like a charm now!

In Topic: dropzonepaintball.com legit?

27 June 2013 - 12:27 AM

I've never ordered from them. But they seem legit, too legit to quit.

i bought something and i'll let you guys know