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Lake Stephens Paintball

01 May 2013 - 11:50 AM

Hi TechPB!

I'm extremely pleased to inform you West Virginian paintballers that a new paintball field will be opening up in Southern WV.

Lake Stephens Paintball will be located, obviously, at Lake Stephens, Glen Daniel. Glen Daniel is about 8 or so miles outside of Beckley, WV, which isn't but a 30 minute drive away. I am a seasonal employee of the RCRA, which oversees Lake Stephens and it's operations, and I'm extremely excited to get some people out here.

2013 is our pilot year of the paintball program, and we are beginning with a 17 bunker Speedball field. We aim to sell Paintballs, Co2 fills, and we will have 8 rental 98 customs for the time being. We currently do not offer HPA filling, however, Elevation Sports located in Beckley can fill HPA tanks. Our field aims to be affordable, safe, and extremely fun. We will open and operate the field based on a reservation system, you pick the day and time!

As it stands, we plan to order all of our items and have the field up and running within May.

Please give us a call, and let us know you're interested!!


Lake Stephens Office #: 304-934-5323