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In Topic: Best Paintball gun for under 350$

06 August 2013 - 10:18 AM

ik its not the most sought after gun but the dangerous power g4 is a great gun its very dependable and easy to work... its not meant to have as your first gun but perfect for if you are trying to start playing in tournaments. I have the g4 and it has only two minor noticeable problems. Slight leaking in the macro line but it goes away if u jiggle it alittle and bolt stick. Getting bolt stick on the feild sucks so bad but it usually isnt a problem if you take good care of it and lube the bolt regularly.

In Topic: envy blackheart or g4

12 February 2013 - 05:16 PM

:wub:DEFINITELY GET THE G4 i got the g4 a few months ago and havent looked back... it is an amazing gun... the only thing on it i would upgrade is the macro line. That is the only real problem i see with the g4... and if u get it... just make sure u lube the inner o-rings and the bolt alot... the only problem i have had is tht the bolt wasnt going all the way back and all i had to do was lube it and it worked perfectly. The g4 is an amazing gun and woth every penny

Extcy. Its so much gun for $250. I have shot both as well. I can attest to its shot quality over the G4. it is oodles more efficient too. Especially with blackheart and qev, you can get dwell down to 11/12ms and get around 10 pods efficiency, which is the same as the dm13. I believe with the g4 its got around 6 pods efficiency.

g4 gets 8