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TiPX Bolt Upgrade?

12 July 2013 - 01:16 AM

Has anyone actually upgraded the bolt in their TiPX? Did you find the efficiency increased enough to get 4 full mags from a 12g? More?


Just came across the TechT MRT bolt and was wondering if it made any usefull difference at all.

What is your most memorable big game experience?

25 April 2013 - 09:30 AM

Being somewhat new still, I thought it might be interesting to hear some peoples most memorable big game/scenario experiences, whether they were on or off the field.

As much fun as I have had on the field, getting behind enemy lines, making surprisingly long shots, and being aggressive and driving down the middle, my most memorable experience has got to be off the field at Fight for Asylum 2, hosted by PRZ.

I use a TM-7, and had to re-chrono prior to the night game (which I missed after a flurry of things all going wrong :angry: ). Throughout the day it seemed as if my velocity adjuster was backing out, and since the TM-7 is new to me, I turned the adjuster the wrong way when I went to re-chrono, and backed the bolt out... Seeing as it was dark out, and I didn't have a table to split the body and get it all put back together (tried turning the bolt back in and it just pinched the o-ring), I decided I would do it in the morning before the second day of games.

So the following morning, my buddy and I got out of our tent and went to MacDonalds for breakfast. I carried my TM-7 inside with a bright yellow barrel bag on it as well as my hopper, while clearly stating, "It's a paintball gun, relax, it's ok." Thankfully no one freaked out, we were able to purchase our breakfasts, and I was able to rebuild my TM-7 on the table after promising not to make a big paint mess. B) I got a lot of looks, and a couple members of the Corpse paintball team saw me. They wanted to get a picture, but I think he didn't have his camera.

So what events stick in your minds?

New Barrel for my TM-7

10 March 2013 - 08:56 PM

While the topic of quiet barrels has been covered fairly significantly, I was wondering if anyone had any new input. I also have the added criteria of needing to fit within the TM-7's shroud, so the barrels OD needs to be slightly under 1". I was thinking of going with around a .689 bore (playing in Ontario Canada), unless someone can convince me something else is better.

Yes, I am a noob.

It's auto-cocker threaded.