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Tank Length Problem

24 March 2013 - 07:27 PM

I currently have a 68 ci ninja tank with a pro reg and I measured my arm and optimally I should add another 2 inches. Problem is, from what i've seen, sites are super sketchy on their measurements. For example pro reg from bottle to asa is 1-3/8" but they say tank + pro reg is 10-1/2" which I'm not sure is to asa or with threads included (at work, so can't measure tank)

Either way, I'd like to add two inches to the ninja 68 + pro reg (Will probably end up adding 1 inch and a reg extender)

My questions are, what is the bottle length of:
  • Ninja 68
  • Ninja Dura 68
  • Ninja Dura 77
  • Guerilla 70
  • For kicks, Guerilla 68