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In Topic: the only 3 things to consider for a good barrel

13 February 2013 - 10:04 PM

yes it is true the barrels have been honed from awhile back. it was more of a statment regarding to the comment someone made that smoothness makes no differnce. and as far as accuracy concerns, it mainly depends on how familure you are with your gun. as long as you have a decent barrel and are confident in your shot you will shoot 10 times better than you will with if you come on the field with a damn good barrel and no confidence at all. its not the tool but how you use it and you can not dissagree with that. now on to techt. they are great when it comes to spool type but when it comes to poppet type they suck. i hated their hush bolt, but then agian it all comes down to personal preferance. im not worried about my sound sig how ever i put a big deal aginst efficency. my pooty cure 4 was a bit more efficent and it worked well with my rotor. i never had a chop and i liked how the bolt cuped the ball befor it loaded it.
now as for the flat line barrel. they do put rough spots in select locations to impart backspin on the ball. read their website. by just using a curved barrel it would hardly spin the ball at all. by slightly roughing the front side of the barrel at the up turn it grabs the ball and the other side of the ball slips. then on the return stright it keeps the back spin as it leaves. that is the princial behind it.

now you can not say these three things are the major things you look for in a good barrel. minus the smoothness of the bore. alot of people never have thought about it but it is proven it dose affect your efficency and consistency. the best set up gives you consistent shot after shot in a thight group. none of the information i have given was bad and these are good point to make when it comes to barrels. you can never get 100% accuracy out of any barrel and it still comes down to how well you know your set up and can predict where your shots are going to land

In Topic: ego sl8r macnoid mod

13 February 2013 - 04:28 PM

ive done alot of reasearch with the macnoid. im still going to try it and if i get it to work i will post process of how it was done. so far what i have found is that the minifold mounts directly to the gun. i know this poses the biggest problem. what im thinking is i need to adjust mill the bottom of the reciever then make a mounting plate with adjusted airholes. or i will just cnc my own minifold. i think the cnc part would be the way to go. by cnc my own i think i will be able to adjust the mounting holes. now as for the amount of power that runs the noid. is it 6v. and how much amps should be going to it.

In Topic: the only 3 things to consider for a good barrel

12 February 2013 - 08:01 PM

i just wanted to keep the confusion out of choosing a barrel. most of the people that have problems in choosing barrels are the newer players and i just wanted to help by showing the main things that should be considerd when choosing a good barrel.
as for the freak kit. it is not a bad barrel. that is why i had it in my line up. i was just stating in my personal opinion that i dont like the design. i have used them befor and it is a decent barrel however i personaly believe that having a screw type is better. it gives me more security in my shot. i dont worry that the bore is going to move or bounce. ive had an instance where my freak kit bore misaligned by a fraction of an inch and it shaved a ball. i personally think it was bc of a manufacture flaw in that select bore bc it didnt do it with any other ones. now when it comes to over/underboring, this is more of experienced concept and should be in an experinecd thread. like i said this is for people that are new to the sport. i wanted to make this simple and not over complicated. most new players will shoot carpy paint bc they are not wanting to pay the premium for good paint. lets face it. paint is expensive and were all guilty of using cheaper paint. also not everyone is wanting to buy 4 and 5 barrels to have the best size through the day. its cheaper and better to use one barrel and have bore inserts
as for what i said about the acceleration of the ball. yes the ball accelerates in 8-9 inches in most markers but i wanted to keep one number and say by saying it was 10 inches it will account for almost all the varibles it is safe to say its at full speed at 10 inches.
now as for the control bore length. have you ever played with the techt ifit kit. the controls are only what 2 inches. i have a better shot with the 6in controls out of my powerlyte than anyother barrel on the market. i have ran tests on this and you get a tighter spread the longer your controls are. i personaly would never buy any techt parts as they do not add to performance and sometimes make it worse. lets take their hush bolt for egos for examply. their garbage. they are brittle and break easy where as the cure bolts and the dart bolts.

as for what you are saying junits15. you are correct. alot of times the stock barrel is great. and is not always needed to change the barrel to improve your gun. now when it comes to smoothness it dose play a big part in your accuracy. this is why alot of companies micro hone their bores. if say you have a rough edge on one side it will cause your ball to spin. this is the same concept that the flatline barrel uses. they rough up certin spots to put backspin on the ball. (yes i know the barrel is curved. this helps with the backspin) but smoothness mainly affect your efficency. the less air you haft to use to get the ball to speed the more consistent your shot will be and the less deveations of your shot.

now the biggest thing that affects your accuracy is your confidence in your play style and the overall set up you have with your gun. you haft to be cofident and able to adjust to what pressure your being put under

In Topic: Which gun should I get?

12 February 2013 - 02:40 PM

i honestly wouldnt use either one. i hate smart parts business practices so i choose not to support them with my hard earned money, i also have never cared for pmi. we need your range on how much your wanting to spend. theres a big difference in guns depending on how much your wanting to spend. if your in the $400 range i would recomend the ego 8, if your in the $200 range i would recoment either a tippmann a5 or a spyder phenoix. and then use the money your saved to get a good loader, hpa tank, and then get a better bolt and computer board.

In Topic: need some opinions

12 February 2013 - 02:31 PM

if your going to get a loader then just save your money and get a good one thats been proven. the rotor or virtue spire is what i would recomend. they both push 30+ bps and you will never need another one