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A plea to Tippmann.Please re release the SMG68!

29 October 2013 - 01:50 PM

Originally posted on PBN and MCB,curious what you all think
So with the rise in interest if magfed guns and milsim think it's time Tippmann released their own magfed series if guns.Considering alot of magfeds out there are Tippmann conversions it makes sense
To my knowledge the SMG was the 1st clipfed paintball gun produced by a major manufacturer,arguably the 1st milsim also.If you've never seen one in action I can tell you they were WAY ahead of their time,they're savage beasts,ROF was unmatched untill ramping electros were made.It was compact,light and maneuverable(for the time it was light),definitely put the pucker factor on the opposing team
I would love to see this iconic gun reborn with some modern updates and see magfeds made with Tippmanns durability,warranty,and customer service