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Cheap 5 dollar pod pack

07 May 2013 - 02:47 PM

Hi i made a cheap pod pack a while ago, i've never seen any do this. basically its this: i bought a 5 dollar pod pack like the ones used for rental players. the problem here was that they sagged waaaay too much, so i looked online for inspiration. i came up with the idea to sew the pack to a weight lifting back support i had from an old job. presto! a new pod pack, im still a rec baller so i dont shoot all that much so a two pod pack is more than enough for me right now. just saying, this is good for a beginner or maybe even a pump player!
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Reflex rail and guerrilla tank?

17 April 2013 - 03:26 AM

a buddy of mine has a reflex rail and was given a small tank(48/3000) for Christmas (he doesnt shoot a lot so there was no point in buying him a $150+ carbon fiber tank). the only problem is that when we finally tried the tank, it didnt screw in all the way. he tried my tank ( exact same one) and fell in love with it before trying it on his gun, the only problem is that the new tank has different threading that has the little psi meter facing up, but it wont screw in completely into his or my gun. i was thinking on these possibilities:
1. i heard the reflex has a sliding asa, so cant he slide it back a bit and screw in the tank? we havnt tried it yet cuz i suggested it and he was a bit apprehensive with the idea cuz im are still relativity new to paintball.
2. but an extender. im going to have to buy it cuz i gave him the dam thing! would still look dumb
3. trying selling it second hand. (for like 35-ish?)
4. new reg (prob not even worth it)

i would try to return it, but by the time we tried out the tank we were way past the return policy date.