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Paintball Teams/Tournament

17 February 2013 - 01:05 PM

Hey guys im really new to paintball-like i just played yesterday. However, it was so much fun i want to do it again but on paintball tournament or a team. How should I proceed doing matches and stuff like that? As I said I'm brand new to everything so please explain it all. I signed up for Empire Paintball the rookie card. I received an email that said: Here is your FREE ROOKIE PASS COUPON from Empire and Empire Battle Tested Paintball.
I believe this is like a free one time pass or something i dont know. It wasn't very detailed. Anyways, I want to do more paintballing and don't want to pay a lot since im really new. If it turns out well I'll be willing to spend some more money on extra equipment but for now im fine. I just want to start getting some experience under my belt and need help proceeding. Thanks-