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Empire Axe... Best tourney marker out there?

03 April 2014 - 09:04 PM

To start this off let me say one thing, I am a huge fan of Bob Long ,Dye, Dlx, Eclipse , etc. and would gladly shoot any of them. But that isn't the poin of this. There is nothing wrong with any of them, they are great shooters. But what they can do the Axe can do also.

First lets talk about efficiency, with my stock axe and the back cap 1.5 turns out and ~180 psi with 8ms dwell I was getting a full rotor and ~7 pods off a HP 68/4500 with a 4k fill. Already more efficient than a Luxe, and it still shoots great.

My Axe pro with an XSV Boss v2 w/ 8ms dwell op at ~160 and back cap 1.5 turns out and a short spring I am getting a full spire 200 and about 10 pods out of a 68/4500. So efficiency isn't an issue at all, especially as a front player.

Ergonomics, some like it some don't... Personally I love the way it feels in my hands, and for those who don't the grip extender makes it feel a little like a luxe.

Shot quality, axes shoot better than Egos but not as nice as spools, which makes sense because its an inline poppet. But throw a boss bolt into it and Presto!! Instant geo shot quality.

Speed, it shoots 15 semi all day.

Trigger, I love the stock trigger, some don't , but throw a violent deuce into a spider fenix and I will be happy, so the trigger can be fixed if you don't like it.

Maintainance, easy, and if anything happens empire will help you out.

The axe is used by several pro teams still so that proves it has the potential. My home field is Rich Telfords , ( sacramento XSV ) and many of them say they liked their axes better than the impulses.

I'm currently shooting Jamie Lopez's Axe pro, the oled is easy to use and the boss v2 makes it super smooth.

Now here is my favorite part of the Axe..... IT'S DIRT CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!! You can have 4 used axes or a new Lv1 , so save your cash and buy 2 axes, or 3, as many as you want! Throw in a boss bolt and a .680 Ultralight and rock it!