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Which Marker would you choose?

01 March 2013 - 09:50 PM

Hey Guys, so I took your previous advice and will just wait and save the extra few hundred bucks. Im down to 3 finalists. 1. Bob Long Victory VCOM, I love the thought of being able to change from spool to poppet plus the milling is SICK. 2. Dye DM12 heard its a really smooth shot, probably the best ergonomics out there and is cheaper than the DM13 with the only difference being milling. Would have like to see an OLED board. 3. Planet Eclipse Geo 3, My least favorite cosmetically of the three guns but every Geo owner I talk to RAVES about it. Love the board setup also. Please mention some pro's and con's of each gun if you can and finally what would you choose?


26 February 2013 - 10:21 PM

Hey Guys, This is my first "post" or whatever you say on TechPB. Iv been into paintball for about 6 months and decided I really want to make an investment in a high quality marker. I currently have $1,000 USD to spend and want a really nice spool valve marker. My current set up is a 2011 PMR with a 14 inch UL barrel and Dye Rotor with a 68 4500 Ninja Tank. As far as apparel i'm pretty limited. I have 2 Dye I4's a V-Force Grill, HK Army pants and Nike Cleats. So My question to you is what would you do, Go with one of the above options? OR wait the extra time, work during the summer and go bigger? THANKS! Please make suggestions on some other spoolies not in the above poll.