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Can I make my t2 semi auto?

10 June 2013 - 06:19 PM

I want to know how I can make my t2 into an autococker style gun. I also want to maintain the pump capability. Switch between pump and semi.

What parts will I need? What modifications will I need to do?

I have access to a CNC machine aswell.

Home made gear

11 April 2013 - 10:50 PM

I want to see what you guys have made for paintball or paintball related shens. Post a pic or video, rough cost, and maybe a story or 2.

I made myself a rocket launcher. Came to about 36 bucks all said and done. Made it with my buddy in the summer just for some shits and giggles. And yeah that's a 6 foot barrel.

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Magfed confusion

07 April 2013 - 06:59 PM

Alrighty I'm getting a new paintball gun. That's a for sure. It will definantly be a magfed gun aswell BUT I'm conflicted between 2 guns. It's either going to be the milsig mk3 cqb pro or Tiberius t8.1. I realize one is a rifle and one is a pistol :P. iv been watching the cqb v.i.c.e videos and the milsig guns look like a blast to shoot but then I see the pistol and they just look so badass

i have played with a pistol before. It's really fun. I also play pump so limited ammo is no problem for me.

I just need some input I guess. Some pros or cons, experiences, I donno haha. Something to sway my decision.

Might also buy an a5 cheap and put a magfed conversion kit on it. The tacamo one. Anyone have experience with them?

98c stock

05 April 2013 - 09:26 PM

Can I put a gas integrated stock on a 98c ?

A5 mods

04 April 2013 - 06:33 PM

So i have a few a5 questions.

#1 - can I run a stock that has gas (13ci tank) in it with the a5? Like the milsig stocks? How much modding? Where can I find one?

#2 - experience with this conversion kit?
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