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Hopper or Marker?

06 March 2015 - 01:42 AM

Hey guys, I have a spyder fasta, which says it does about 15 bps but with my tests it does 17-18 bps consistently and easily. I'm looking at the Z2 on ansgear $99 on sale. Or I could get a gun. I have an invert mini gen 3 and am looking at a JT impulse for $499 on ansgear . I do have to save up some money before either of these, and I know they stopped production of the impulse so there's limited supply And I must hurry to get one before their out. Let me know what u think is better and if I can do speedball competitively with a mini I will start next year to play and wanted to know if a hopper or gun is more necessary right now with my setup. I already have a 70 / 4500 and a grillso mask so I'm just looking at hopper or gun. Also have a jersey.

Universities with Paintball Teams?

03 March 2015 - 11:21 PM

Hey guys, I's a sophomore in High school and love paintball. I was just wondering what good engineering colleges also have a paintball team, or if most colleges already do. I would just really enjoy to be on a paintball team or at least have a paintball field nearby to play on the weekends. Anyways, Thanks guys.

Etek 5 vs JT Impulse

03 March 2015 - 12:39 AM

Hey guys, so I recently asked if the Etek 5 is worth the $100 over the Etek 4, and some people were talking about the JT Impulse. I've heard about it, but I don't know how it compares to the Etek 5. I know its a $1000 gun thats $500 on ansgear and the Etek 5 is $550 on ansgear and I heard a lot of great stuff about the Etek 5 (shoots better than an ego 11, almost like an LV1). I haven't heard a lot about the JT though. So which do you think is better? I'm leaning towards the JT as it was a $1000 gun making it somewhat high end imo, while the Etek 5 is intermediate. Let me know what you think. Sorry for doing another Etek 5 vs thread,  was just really curious and googled it but it came up with old threads before the Etek 5 even came out. Thanks.

Etek 4 vs Etek 5

28 February 2015 - 10:12 PM

Hey guys. I googled this topic but nothing came up, so I decided to ask it. Is the $100 really worth it for the Etek 5? I've heard the Etek 4 is a really good intermediate marker. I just want to know what the Etek 5 has upgraded from the Etek 4 and if its worth the $100. Also, I like stacked poppets, so don't  start saying the Axe is better because I prefer stacked poppets. I like the easy maintenance and just seeing the bolt fly back and forth (not really important). I just want to know the difference between the Etek 4 and Etek 5. Thanks.

Looking for a team in Las Vegas

14 February 2015 - 03:12 AM

Hey guys, I'mmy looking for a team in Las Vegas I can join. I've never "speedball" but do play almost every weekend for a year with an azodin kaos. I got an invert mini recently and a new 70/4500 tank and a vforce grill mask and a spyder fasta 9v (my friends gave me). Its not the best hopper, but It works as many fields have a 12.5 bps and it does 15 bps easily. Anyway, are there any teams I can join? Thanks!!