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Perfect Barrel

18 April 2013 - 08:00 PM

It seems the Lurker comes closest to incorporating the Punkworks research into their design. I had a few questions:

1. Should the ported portion of the bore be larger than .685"?
2. What bore sizes would shoot most of today's paint with the fewest number of barrels?
3. Are there any other changes that research has shown would improve the design?

If this barrel set existed, would you buy it and how much would you be willing to pay? (assuming it was a quality, reputable company building it)

A5/98 vs eNMEy

28 March 2013 - 11:03 PM

1. Do you see any advantages of the Tippmanns over the eNMEy?

2. Do you think Tippmann will respond with a gun that is comparable in price/features? (Maybe an all mech Crossover?)

How to Stop Throwing Away Your Money On Paintball

22 March 2013 - 07:25 AM

Buying Expensive Guns and Paint Sucks. Join the Paintball Revolution:


8 BPS Mech
5 BPS Electro
Paint: 1 gravity fed, 200 round hopper per game. (Maybe even 100 rounds)

How to cap: Initially by manufacturer specs. Then by disallowing any mods that could potentially increase ROF. So no Mags or Cockers, no egrips, response, light springs, double triggers etc...

Side note: One gun we are currently considering is the Enmey-- which, i think, shoots at about 10 bps. First we will put the spring on max tension and see if we can get it down to 8. If that doesn't work, we will spec out some heavier springs to see if the rate of fire will slow without messing up the feel of the trigger. If not, we will probably allow it at what ever the BPS is at stock spring max tension. A lot of us really like the technology on the gun, so if we get it and like it, it would be worth allowing a slightly higher ROF.

Why cap:

1. It allows more movement on the field, which is better exercise and more fun.
2. It gives the advantage to the player who can move and who thinks strategically, not the player who spent the most money on equipment/paint.
3. It eliminates PERCEIVED advantage. Everyone on the field knows that you will never lose because someone spent more/had better equip/more paint. If you win/lose, it is 100% because of you and everybody knows that.
4. It's MUCH MUCH cheaper. Nobody can complain or miss a game because of money. You get competitive guns for under $100 and You pay less than $15 for a half case that lasts you all day, you could easily get a bag and play for less than $10/day.

Fun Facts:
1. 10BPS is about the same and the 240B and SAW (machine guns) and 13 times faster than the an M-4 in semi automatic.
2. Is Playing at 10BPS twice as fun as 5? If not, you are wasting your money.

Who wins when with high ROF?
2 parties: The person on the field with the most money, and the paintball/gun manufacturers.
Who loses: Everybody else.

"But I loving devastating my enemies with 26BPS"
This may be true, but do you love 5 times as much?

"But I own a field and my highest margin item is paint. This will devastate my business"
FALSE. Your highest margin item, in terms of variable cost, is your entry fee. Let's look at the math:

Your course:

Player Buys $50 in paint: You net $20
Player entry fee $10: You net $10
All day air $7: You net $3.50 (costs for co2 HPA and labor)

Player pays $67 You net $33.50

Paintball Revolution Course:

Player Buys $25 in paint: You net $10
Player entry fee $20: You net $20
All day air $5: You net $3.50 (costs for co2 HPA and labor)

Player pays $50 You net $33.50

You make the same amount and the player saves at least 25%. (This only accounts for ROF limits, with hopper limits and gun savings, players are probably looking at 75% savings)

Additional Benefits Not Calculated:
1. This style is far more inviting to new players. (less paint flying, and rental guns are equal)
2. People who could never afford to play, now can.
3. People who are already playing can play more.
4. The increase in attendance lowers your fixed cost by distributing it over more people.
5. Lower insurance costs.

Questions? Comments? Flaming is welcomed. :)

You get an A5 and I get any electro I want

21 March 2013 - 02:36 AM

What you would cap my semi auto electro at in order to make a fair fight against an A5?

Ideal BPS, if everyone was limited to the same ROF

19 March 2013 - 01:32 AM

My question is, what do you think would be the ideal BPS if everyone on the field had the same BPS? It should be fast enough to be exciting, but slow enough to require skill and be affordable.

In order to help I will offer two things:

1. a metronome so you can hear what each rate of fire would sound like:



1. Click on all the symbols (to delete them) except the high hats.
2. Put the beats per minute in the top right corner.
3. hit the start button in the middle of the page.

1 Ball/Sec = 60
2 = 120
3 = 180
4 = 240
5 = 300
6 = 360
7 = 420
8 = 480
9 = 540
10 = 600

2. A Fun Fact: Mil Spec rate of fire for the M4 Carbine is .75 rounds per second in semi-auto and 1.5 BPS in 3 round burst.