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Multiple Mask Review

03 April 2013 - 12:28 AM

What started out to be just a reply to a question turned into a full review on all the different masks I tried on at length today, hope this helps.

(the statement below was in reference to an E-flex mask)

Very good masks. Very nice foam, similar to spectra foam, but much more firm. The profile is very nice, and it is a light mask. The soft ears are nice and unrestricting. The only issue you might have OFF the field is the black foam in the lenses are noticeable and may be a bother, but on the field you never notice it.

I just tried on all the masks listed today and I found this ^ to be a huge problem for me. It was the very first thing I noticed when I put on the mask. I'm a very methodical, calculating player and to have this major sightline obstruction going all the way around the bottom of my lens was an instant deal breaker for me.

On the bright side it was one of the most comfotable masks I tried on today.
For me it was like this:

Sly Profit -
PROS: best comfort by far, great feild of vison, looks good.
CONS: as stated in other reviews there is a gap at the bottom (chhek portion) of the foam. Not a big issue but worth mentioning. Also there's no visor which is a negative.

Dye I4 -
PROS: felt good on my face, very secure with no wobble at all, very little echo (mainly because half your chin is sticking out!), looks awesome, best lens out there.
CONS: the itsy bitsy spider would have trouble fitting it's face in this mask. its really small and this is coming from someone who wears a 7 1/4" hat (not a big head), you can open your mouth and see your bottom teeth go past the mask! Side note_Though if you're small or a yound player this mask would be awesome

Proto Axis -
PROS:fitment of this mask was one of the best, great field of vision, looks great, has the same fabric/foam material on the bottom egde like the I4 has which is very comfotable, the goggle camo/paint trim is the nicest of all the ones I seen.
CONS: this one was so close but like the I4 it just didn't offer the protection I want leaving half my ear exposed. Maybe it was just my head though worth a look at for sure.

Empire E-flex -
PROS: everyone who said it was comfortable wasn't lying it is 2nd only to the Profit IMO, offers great protection all around, and basicly no echo being the "quitest" I tried on
CONS: it's the only mask out of the top dollar masks I just personally don't like the look of, not too fond of the rubber lower portion, but the biggest thing was the dual pane lens foam trim right in your field of vision, I found it to be terribly distracting along with a high nose arch in the foam.

Vforce Grill -
PROS: had the best fitment (not comfort) for my head of all the masks, it also had the best field of view which I thought was insane since it has the smallest lens but it really does, I can only describe the look as "mean", great protection.
CONS: the only con I have about this mask is not what it has that's messed up but what it doesn't have, it doesn't come with a dual pane thermal lens you have to buy it seperate. So that $89 price point you felt so good about just went up by $25 and you're at the same price as the other masks.

All in all for me it comes down to comfort, fitment, protection, and field of view. Looks are always a plus but if it can't meet my other requirements I dont even care. So it come down to the Sly Profit and the Vforce Grill, it's a toss up really buy I decided to go with the Grill.