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Dye DM8

15 May 2013 - 09:14 AM

Marker: Dye DM8
Condition :8/10 scratches and cracked lpr cap
Color: black
Upgrades: cp 1 pc barrel .689, cp continuous flow plug, dm9 eye pipe
Known Problems: none other than the cracked lpr cap
Asking Price: $300 OBO
Shipping Options: UPS Ground
Trades of interest: none, need cash
Location of item: Lima, OH
What is Included: marker with barrel

hey guys, im selling my dm8, i need some cash and as much as id love to keep it, it needs to go, the lpr cap was cracked by the previous owner, and although it is cracked you can still access the lpr to disassemble it, to take it off you need some needle nose pliers, the cap does not old in the lpr (a setscrew under the frame holds it in), it is just a cover, the threads of the lpr cap are in perfect condition.
barrel is almost brand new, no scratches at all
i also replaced all the orings from the marker, including all of the ones in the lpr
other than that it has a few scratches on the body from normal paintball use
again, no trades, i need the cash for parts on my car

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Proto Pro Axis - white

12 April 2013 - 01:20 PM

Item: Proto Pro Axis paintball goggle
Condition: 9/10 very small scratches in lens
Color: white
Upgrades: painted frame
Known Problems: none
Asking Price: 65 obo
Shipping Options: ups ground
Trades of interest: vforce grill, dye i4, cash
Location of item: Lima OH
What is Included: goggle itself with original clear lens

used this goggle very few times, didnt fit with my glasses, and i need a new mask that does, so this is now going up for sale
i have used this goggle very few times, only as a backup. it does have some very small scratches in the lens, but other than that it is in perfect condition
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02 Dye Reflex Autococker F/S/T

30 March 2013 - 05:38 PM

Marker: 2002 Dye Reflex Autococker
Condition: 9/10
Color: polish blue
Upgrades: ansgear reg,lpr,ram,3way,asa
Known Problems: marker fires but might need adjustment on 3way timing (done with some pliers on the 3way rod), has no macroline, needs new fittings (took fittings and macroline off to use on my dm8)
Asking Price: $250 OBO
Shipping Options: UPS Ground
Trades of interest: Dye rotor, 68/4500 tank or any pb marker around the price
Location of item: Lima, OH
What is Included: the marker and OEM Dye lpr and dye 3way

here i have my 02 dy reflex autococker, bought it about 2-3 years ago and fixed all the leaks and replaced with ansgear lpr,3way and ram, reg works great, asa is new still has the original dye boomstick, fires no problem but needs new macro and fittings.

trying to sell because im trying to get back into the sport and i need the cash for a hopper and tank

gun has a few scratches which are shown in the pics, other than that the gun is beautiful and completely flawless and has never actually been used to play, not even by the previous owner

i am currently out of the states but i will be back by april 3rd as i am from mexico and need to take the marker through the border

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dye eye pipe question

28 March 2013 - 06:14 PM

whats up techpb,

i recently just re-entered paintball after not playing for around 2 years

and i recently bought a dm8, this being my first dye marker with an eye pipe (i own a dye reflex autococker) i just wanted to know what i could expect of it, i was reading around and i saw that some people said you should use an oring on the barrel, and others said you shouldnt, the ones who did use orings said that it was so you wouldnt stress the eyepipe potentially cracking it, and the ones without orings said you should not use one due to the fact the eye pipe might move while shooting.

any thoughts about this and/or any experiences will be greatly appreciated

my dm8 has the upgraded eyepipe that the dm10s and proto reflex uses

thanks in advance