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Stick with my Tippmann SSL-200 or upgrade?

10 April 2013 - 02:54 AM

I will be getting a GoG eXTCy, had a Ricochet apache until the feedneck broke so I ended up getting a Tippmann SSL-200 hopper (15bps). But now after seeing the price drop on the Valken VMAX (30bps*) to $60, I'm wondering should I upgrade to that?

I like the idea that it's tool less and easy to take apart to clean. I have a tendency with broken paint in the loader so I think this will be better.

But after reading more about the VMAX there are some issues I'm questioning.
  • The bps is under 15 due to the motor or prop issues.
  • It is also a battery hog. My SSL-200 only uses one 9V battery so it is efficient

I play rec ball mostly.
So what do you guys recommend? Stick with SSL-200 or go with VMAX? Not interested in Rotor, Pinokio and other hoppers over $80.