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In Topic: Ladies and gentlemen, I built a high speed regulator tester

05 October 2013 - 10:28 PM

shit, sorry for no updates, got tied up with my sniper rifle project. I had a 8" braided line between the test rig and the tank which created a slight delay in pressure recovery. Also learned that a remote line creates a nice ringing in the pressure recovery.


test rig



sniper rifle in case anyone cares


In Topic: rede vs haul effect triggers

28 September 2013 - 12:55 PM

Jeez, took a while to understand wtf the "rede" is. You mean REED SWITCH and HALL EFFECT. Reed switch is a mechanical contact inside a glass ampule, when you expose it to a magnetic field, the lamels (contacts) of the contact stick together providing a conductive path. The hall effect sensor is a solid state device (no moving parts) that detects voltage change in the presence of a magnetic field. In other words, mechanical versus purely electronic. Despite popular belief, hall effect sensors Do wear out, but have 1000x-1000000x lifespan of a reed switch.

In Topic: badlandspaintball.com screwing me with return, rifled barrels = snake oil

17 May 2013 - 10:54 PM

filed a paypal dispute, refund arrived in 1 hour

In Topic: badlandspaintball.com screwing me with return, rifled barrels = snake oil

16 May 2013 - 11:16 AM

I see there is a lot of blame going on for "using" the barrel. There are consumer laws regulating buyers remorse and warranty. No matter what badlands says, I have a right to return a product if it does not meet the advertised specs. Return policies that require unopened items are nonsense, you cannot determine a full product quality until you use it. It's a trick that companies use to fuck you over if you are dumb enough not to fight back. Look at www.paintballgear.ca return policies, they are much more lax than badlands and they are doing just fine. Why am I returning the barrel? Because it performs worse than a smoothbore while being advertised to perform better than a smoothbore, while costing 3x as much.

They are using a technicality to refuse a refund. I suspect they are not a proper distributor so Tippmann will not issue them a credit if they send it back to them for refurbishment, so they pin the expense on me. I will fight back with chargeback with "merchant fraud" reason which is really bad for them. They have an option to retaliate with sending me to collections, which I can fight in court seeking penalties for predatory collection practices with my legal fees included (I have no problem spending several grand to prove a point). They have no evidence whatsoever they sent me a brand new item, and I have evidence it arrived with the packaging missing. So I'm looking forward to fucking steamrolling them into the ground.