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How to fix shitty Zetamag springs

26 October 2013 - 08:32 PM

Found a way to fix sticking/mangling zetamag springs


Magfed FSR capable sniper rifle

05 October 2013 - 10:32 PM

This is work in progress, have to finish moving the trigger, make a bolt handle, attach the bottle and make a first strike version of the mag.

Ladies and gentlemen, I built a high speed regulator tester

28 September 2013 - 01:03 PM

Was bored so bought a 1000 psi transducer on ebay and built an reg tester. TD is powered with an agilent 3610a power supply and measured by a 50 MHz rigol oscilloscope. Juicy details coming tonight, gotta run. As a teaser, Ninja reg overshoots and myth undershoots after each shot. Gun is BT tm7.

Wartex's Etha

31 May 2013 - 06:51 PM

Posted Image

The macroline would go in and out of the side rail mount slot to keep it close to the gun. I'm still deciding on how to implement the asa drain valve (i have the inline one). The qloader would be mounted on a picatinny about 4 inches closer to the reg, the foregrip is my ghetto rig that allows me to move the qloader between various guns easily. Tank is a 17ci and yields about 150 shots. I also have a 22ci tank with a rubber butt.

The rear asa is a RAP4 custom 98 stock tank piece, but it does not fit in the supplied 98 mount that comes with emc, the groves on emc plug are too deep, so I ground a hole in the back of the "endcap" plug that comes with EMC and heat-fitted the new asa into it, with a pin thru it to prevent spinning of the asa during mounting of the tank.

Etha has the ape rampage board and I can toggle up to 35 bps and the qloader keeps up, but empties the qloader in 3-4 seconds. I will keep the bottom ASA mounted which will allow me to pop in a macroline and Rotor for speedball.

Next post: magfed A5. Maybe even with custom first strike mag and magwell :)

badlandspaintball.com screwing me with return, rifled barrels = snake oil

15 May 2013 - 02:00 AM

Bought a Tippmann straightline (rifled hammerhead) barrel from badlandspaintball.com for my a5. This thing is an absolute piece of shit, it's a rifled barrel that is supposed to be more accurate. I knew beforehand it was snake oil because there is no way for the rifling to grab onto the ball, but decided to give it a shot in case the air blast in the rifling adds a marginal axial spin. The spin is so crap that you can see the ball do a very lazy turn or two over 60 ft span. Undersized paint hits the rifling randomly causing randomized spin and massive spread at 25 feet.

I sent it back for a refund. Got the following email:

Unfortunately you have sent us back your item not fitting our return requirements. I will require you to contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss the shipment of this item back to you. I do apologize for this, but the exterior packaging is missing and we cannot accept this product for a return.

You can contact me directly at, 1-800-717-5314 ext.221.


Mike Arnott
Help Desk
Badlands Inc.
Toll-Free Phone : 1 -800-717-5314 Ext. 221

Wtf is he talking about? Aha! Googled the images of the package. Aha! The barrel comes in a black nylon case with a zipper, and has a small cardboard sleeve with tippman logo, barcode and misc other stuff on it. Well, I only got the nylon case with the barrel, tip and bore adapters, but it did not have the cardboard sleeve.

Treatened to do a chargeback.

Got another email:

Unfortunately I cannot accept this product back for a return, I do not believe we had sent you this package without the one item that describes this product and has the barcode on it. Furthermore, If you do look at our Terms and Conditons page on our website, the product must be in brand new condition, with all original packaging. Your product has been inspected by our return/exchange represnetative and he has noted that there is wear on the barrel threads as well as this, this barrel has been used. In order for us to re-sell this item we do require the original packaging that this item was sent out in. I do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you but I cannot return this item for you at this time.

My black case was VERY dusty when I got it, but I figured was on the shelf for a long time. Now I thing these fuckers sent me the item someone else sent back. Also blaming me for "thread wear" - no shit sherlock, I had to screw it into my gun to try it, hence the coating on the thread is scratched, DUUH!!!

So... they do not send returns to vendors for refurbishment and/or repacking, they will resell them as brand new items. While there is nothing new about this, this is bad business, and I will tell you why: next time you buy an air tank from them, remember some kid might have stuck some grease down the fill nipple "for better seal" before sending it back and buying a different one. Now you will fill it and get your arm shredded when it diesels. And that Bob Long you just bought for $1500 might have been sent back by some youtube reviewer who fired an assload of paint thru it and just cleaned it and sent it back in the original box.

So far the standoff between me and badlands continues. This is the worst supplier to return to.